Monday, December 19, 2011

Jimmy’s Literacy Program

Jimmy started a literacy program at Gigi's Playhouse in early September. He’s had a session every week since then minus one (thanksgiving week). He will miss the next two weeks. Typically, no one meets in December at all but we have the very best volunteer and she wanted to meet with Jimmy and we wanted to meet with her, so we did. The last two sessions were at my house. I will be posting everything we did today. Jimmy was sick today and ended the session a little early but he still did great.

First, his teacher, Nikky, gave him three new books for Christmas. We are so lucky to have such a giving person. We are supposed to be giving her stuff! We now have three new Paul Galdone books.


Next we read Jimmy’s ABC book. Nikky made a book of blank white paper. Each week she has Jimmy glue in three letter cards and a picture that matches that letter. First we review the letters he has already done. Then he puts the glue on the page, then the cards, and then he colors the picture one at a time.


G for goat.


Next we read Three Little Kittens by Paul Galdone. It was the first time he read this book so it took a lot of animation to keep him interested. It takes Jimmy two or three weeks to get excited about a new book and really sit through it.


The next thing we did was point to the words of a phrase while saying the words out loud. Last week was the first time Jimmy did it and he wasn’t that into it. This week he did so much better. Nikky gave us a couple to practice over the break and I can almost promise that he will have it down by his next session. He was really good with I love you.


She held his hand to have him point to each word.


Here she asked Jimmy to point to you and he did!


Then we reviewed his sight words which are:


He started out with one word and she added one or two each week. He recognizes you, the, and, in, be, a, and my (mommy and daddy are new). She went through them like flash cards.

Next we read “How to be a bear” and every time the word “be” was in it, Nikky showed Jimmy the “be” card so that he could focus on it. He was a little frustrated today because he wanted to turn the pages faster than the story could be read. He was not that interested in the “be” card but he did pay attention for a few of the pages.


Next up, practicing the sound of the letters. Nikky made letters out of construction paper and laminated them. She introduced four letters the first time we did it. M says mmmmm, t say ta ta ta, r says rrrr, and p says pa. She randomly picked them.


Jimmy loves to do r!


After working with the letters, Nikky went back to the long cards with phrases and did that a few more times. Then Jimmy threw a fit! We sang the ABC song and called it quits. Jimmy is not feeling well. He normally loves literacy and showing off his mad ABC skills.

When we first started working with Nikky, Jimmy’s first thing that he did was go through a family book and put the names of each family member on top of the names written in the book.


He also learned each letter and each picture of ABC flash cards Nikky made. We still review these but just once or twice a week. Nikky brought A-M one week and the rest the following week. It’s great speech therapy too as he practices each word. He has gotten so much clearer as time goes on. There are still some letters like h, f, x that are very hard for him to say and some words too but you can tell he knows the letter by signing it! He’s such a smart man!


There are a few other things that we have done but you get the gist. Nikky likes to add a new thing every two weeks besides adding to the things that he will continue to do each week like the ABC book or new letters for the m says mmmm portion of class etc.

We are really lucky to have a great teacher for Jimmy. I sit in on every session as that is Gigi’s policy and Jimmy and I practice one or two or all of these things everyday.  My goal is five minutes a day. Some days we just read the books. Watching Jimmy learn is the BEST!

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  1. What an amazing little guy, so sweet. And what a loving and devoted teacher. You are blessed.