Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Library!

Today we went to the library to return some books we had checked out and because I needed a specific book for Jimmy’s literacy homework this week, The Napping House by Audrey Wood (in case you were wondering…sight words there and who). Jimmy has 46 words down…just a fact…not trying to brag…too much!  Any-who, the North branch library is great because it’s small and even if Jimmy and Rosie go in opposite directions, I feel kinda OK with that. I normally don’t stay too long though. On one end of the library there are two bathrooms and the doors are always open so that means I have to keep an eye out because Rosie and Jimmy will play with the toilet water if they wander that way or at the other end of the library is the exit and outside of the exit is the street which is dangerous, clearly!  So, that kind of makes me nervous too but all in all it’s manageable for 20 or 30 minutes with just a few ounces of sweat. :)

Today at the library only one kid strayed at a time while the other stayed pretty close to me and the librarians only had to re-shelve about 25 books. That’s not the cool part though. The coolest thing that happened today at the library was that while I was running after the two little ones, Isa started to read a book to herself, by herself, with no prompting or anything and it was a book she had never seen before. It was a GREAT thing to see. She has always loved books but has relied on the pictures and her imagination and her memory when the book couldn’t be read to her.  It was a Mo Willems book which are great books for beginners. I think I can safely call Isa a reader! She has a lot to learn but I think trying by yourself is all it takes. Way to go, ISA! I want to thank, Janet, the Queen of Harrisonville, for posting how miss O became an amazing reader. I knew I would go back to that post someday and did a few weeks ago. Since then, Isa has become more confident as we practice her flashcards nearly everyday. We are working on this list in particular and have almost gone through all of them.

Rosie is learning some great stuff too…like how to talk. Her vocabulary grows exponentially everyday. I love how she pronounces water, wa—de. She can say pretty much any word that she can sign and her signing is much more intelligible too. Today she talked about Papa and Daddy and differentiated the two by her signs and words. It was fabulous.

Although Rosie is great at learning new things, her strength still lies in falling down.  That’s how she got her black eye. She fell off a chair. She does that nearly every day. I know we shouldn’t let her climb on the chairs, but it’s an impossible thing to stop. We did have all the dining room chairs in my bedroom for a few weeks but eventually they needed to come back out, and Rosie needed to learn how not to fall. She just walks off the chair while she’s looking at something on the table and forgets that the chair is only so wide.


She loves markers and drawing.


Back off, these cookies are mine!


Years ago, when Isa was 9 months old, I started going to the Family Room. It’s a drop in play center that used to be at the Chandler Newberger center in Evanston and then they got their own building. Recently, the Family Room lost a lot of their funding and it’s closing this week. It was a great place and one of the special things they did was sing Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see by Bill Martin and Eric Carle at the end of every playtime. That is how we read every Martin/Carle book that has a similar format like Polar Bear, Baby Bear, Panda Bear etc. I have noticed that all of the books that have singing in it are Jimmy’s favorites.


Jimmy was sitting with daddy but he moved closer as soon as they brought out Brown Bear! He knows them all by heart.


Isa took this picture of Marc! Marc got a new job at a new law firm. It’s pretty much the same has his last job but the new firm has a free soda fountain and a fancy coffee machine with crazy flavors like cookies and crème. He’s just as happy as he used to be!


Jimmy finished making his ABC book so now he is making a word book. A word for each letter of the alphabet!


Here he is pointing to each word and even reading them. Jimmy is kind of like the Northwestern football team…stay with me…they have a great football team but they compete against huge schools so it’s harder for them to win. But when they do, it’s incredible and you remember those games for a long long time. Watching Jimmy learn is like watching Northwestern win!


Jimmy looking at a new sight word!


The Gumball Ocean by Isa       I absolutely LOVE the Y in BY Isa.


Once upon a time there was a huge gumball machine. One day a girl went to the ocean of the gumball and she didn’t know that gumballs were in there. She put her fishing pole into the gumball ocean. Then she felt something on her fishing pole so she took it out and she saw a purple gumball. Then she went to Lake Michigan and she didn’t know that gumball ocean was attached to it and she caught another purple gumball. Then she went to another ocean that was connected and caught a green gumball. And she said, “Oh my goodness, why do I keep catching gumballs?” She fished in a puddle where she thought there were fish but she got a black gumball. Then she looked up and realized she was under a giant gumball machine!

Isa, the mermaid!


Puzzle time with Daddy! Yay!


I actually had a lot more to say. Till next time (if I remember)!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Cause they’re cute and I love them!





I have been toying with the idea of making a chalkboard for the basement and this helped me make up  my mind.



Isa went downstairs a kid and came upstairs a movie star. She explained that if she had stilts she would look bigger and would be a real movie star.


She added the pink ribbon belt. She is a belt enthusiast. She’s got the no smile cool look down.


The smile detection on my camera really works!


This rarely happens but Marc took this to demonstrate that I put Rosie’s snack on the ground. Extreme times call for extreme measures.


Mug shots in the castle!


Rosie at work.


No ice cream?!


Can we talk about this?


OK, let’s start over, we got off to a rocky start.


Jimmy likes to play with knives…not sure where to go from here.


Leppy stayed at our house this week. He made lots of mischief. I’m glad he will not be staying over any longer!


Love, Love, Love (the kids not leppy)!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We had a wonderful Valentine’s day. Marc made awesome chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting and red sprinkles. He also bought flowers and chocolates and Valentine cards with music. Who doesn’t want to wake up to that? I wish I could take credit for the red wrapped gifts but those are from Grandma Bebe!


Isa was the first one to the table.


Jimmy saw the cupcakes and cried till he got one and dove in the second it was on his tray. Then he smiled!


Rosie, like most kids, went straight for the frosting.


Yay, money and stickers! Way to go Grandma Bebes!


Jimmy loved the musical cards! He was dancing in his high chair.


Isa made me a whole  jar full of goodies!


Rosie opened her gift all by herself!


Fast forward to 2:15pm when I was in Isa’s classroom. I brought in a craft. Valentine Bingo. It was a big hit. They made their own cards by choosing which colored hearts would go on their game cards and M&M’s were the game pieces.


Isa always sits at the end of the table. I don’t think that’s a coincidence!


When we got home we painted with water and even Jimmy participated for a minute or two! Thanks Bebe Leigh!


It looks like we do this all the time, heh?!


The most important thing is to have your hand on the cup at all times. ALL times!


Rosie was so into it and so cute that I took a ton of pictures of her. This is a collage of my favorites.

2012 -2 - Valentine's Day

Then daddy broke out the guitar. Check out the grey hairs!


Rosie wanted to play


and so did Isa.


Isa even got a little tutorial.


It was a great day but my favorite part is coming up….champagne and a movie with Marc!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Isa’s school…maybe Jimmy’s school?

Today Marc and I went to talk to the principal of Isa’s school about Jimmy going there on his off days from public school (Jimmy loves school). Isa goes to a Catholic school so it’s not really set up for a child with special needs. We had a great talk with the principal and I think there’s a good chance he could do it.

After our meeting we waited for school to end to pick up Isa. Isa was shocked that we were both there to pick her up and asked why. We told her that we were talking to Principal Dan about Jimmy going to school at SFX. She was so excited. Out came a lot of stuff that I will try my best to paraphrase but I am horrible at it but you will get the idea. After the excitement of him going there some real concerns came out.

Isa’s stream of thought:  “Um, I don’t know if Jimmy can go because in the three-year-old school you need to talk and walk… like walk in a straight line. When the kids go outside to play they need to be in a straight line. Like Audrey’s kid, Tessi, and Sophie’s kid (actually their little sisters), they can talk and walk straight. See, those kids in the four-year-old school are just like me, only littler.  Sometimes they go out to the sport court and play with us, so they’re kind of like us.  So maybe when Jimmy’s older,  he can go.”

Isa is very protective of Jimmy when other people point out things he can’t do and she is super excited about the idea of Jimmy being at the same school as her, so don’t think that she is down on Jimmy’s abilities, she was just thinking it all through out loud.  I was amazed at how she described her friends’ little sisters as like her but smaller (unlike Jimmy). I told her I might go and be with Jimmy to help him walk in a straight line and tell everyone what he’s signing and then I asked her what she thought about that but by that time she was thinking of other things and couldn’t be bothered.

Here is a photo of Jimmy and his tutor!




I’m so excited about the possibility. I’m glad Isa is too.