Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1, 2012

Today started with Marc asking, Valentine’s Day is sometimes on the 15th, right? I think he was kidding!?

Jimmy got a haircut this morning. He screamed bloody murder, made his body thrust in every direction, and gave me an amazing cardio workout! He looks great though. After paying and tipping the lucky hair stylist, the salon let Jimmy get two treasures from the treasure chest.


The red bead necklace was one of the treasures he got.


Lately Jimmy has been obsessed with the book Polar Bear Polar Bear What do you hear? I have read it ten or more times today.

Isa has a new skill that she’s getting pretty good at: lying! You want to believe that face, right!?




After two days in a row of writing this


she told the truth! Isa started making valentines today and she is taping Hershey's kisses to them. As you may know, it’s extremely hard to resist them especially after you have eaten one. After Isa had been making cards for awhile she starts waddling towards me. I ask her why she is walking like a duck and Isa sighs and then tells me the truth. “I put Hershey’s kisses is my pants so I could eat them.” How can one not laugh when you hear that but what’s funnier is that she pulled out like 20 Hershey’s kisses. Gotta love her!

She was happy she didn’t have to write, I will not put chocolate in my pants!


Rosie can’t stop climbing. It’s like a drug she desperately needs to live. It’s driving me crazy. There is lots of crying involved.


There is no where to go from here.


or here. You can’t hear her but she’s screaming because she is MAAAAAAAAAAAAD that she can’t get up and because she keeps banging her head.


but eventually


the stars align.


and you make it!


We had a yummy dinner but Jimmy had an appetizer first. I’ll let you guess what color it was!


I wonder if there is any purple in here. I like that color!


Jimmy’s wearing one of Marc’s old shirts… that is not his name!


Blooming flowers!


cute boat and sailor Isa made.


Rosie at her dinner with a fork.


Jimmy banged his fork and ate his dinner with his other hand!


and he asked me to read Polar Bear AGAIN!


I did!

Rosie’s other favorite thing to do is to play with electricity. Will you please remove the outlet cover, please? If the cover is not on, Rosie will put something in it.


Daddy’s home now and life is good.


Marc, will you clean the poop in the tub?!


Thank You!


  1. Great pictures! Rosie is so cute!Loved the pics. of her under the table :)
    Ruby has viral pneumonia from having influenza.I wish they would let us bring her home on oxygen,but they wont because she isn't on it at home normaly.I'm not sure I understand that thinking.Oh,well.

  2. Rosie is just like Darth Baby when it comes to climbing, including the frustrated screaming. I don't see Rosie covered in bruises though like mine. I asked my MIL where she got the bruise (that I saw on her face) and she started talking about how she hurt her leg when she was there.