Friday, February 10, 2012


The days of February seem longer than any other month. There is so little to do. After lunch I kill an hour or two by taking Rosie and Jimmy into Jimmy’s room and shutting the door so they can’t leave. I lay on Jimmy’s bed and Rosie and Jimmy take turns hanging out with me in the bed or playing or reading books. After that we grab a snack, pick up Isa from school, and before I know it I’m making dinner and then it’s bed time. The last part of the day goes by super fast. Thank goodness.


Isa’s big into making belts. All her fancy drawings of women wearing high fashion dresses have cool belts.


Rosie found something cool, looked inside, and then realized it was empty.

2012 - 2 - random nail polish daddy's home

Isa got an idea to paint her toes. I let her do it on the bathroom floor that way if she got some on the floor I could get it off pretty easily with nail polish remover. She painted her toes in a pattern. She then got a little bored and started mixing the nail polish and she got nail polish everywhere including all over her uniform. Errr! Mess is not pictured.

2012 - 2 - random nail polish daddy's home1

Jimmy is by far my most predictable kid at the moment. He picks a mini doll of Isa’s and bangs it with another mini doll and/or sucks it for the day. He finds me throughout the day to give me a hug. He steals Rosie’s food and drinks.

2012 - 2 - random nail polish daddy's home2

Rosie likes to play peek a boo and she digs her cutie hands hard into her eyes.

2012 - 2 - random nail polish daddy's home3

Rosie is growing up and if you tell her something she reacts appropriately. For example, if I tell her Daddy's’ coming home very soon, she will run to the window and watch out for him.


Rosie is now rushing to get down and go to the front door after spotting Daddy.


He’s home!


Rosie’s doing a little celebration dance.


Jimmy heard the commotion and came to say welcome home.


Marc can barely get his shoes off!


Thankfully today is winding down and the kids will be in bed asap. Happy Friday!

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