Monday, February 13, 2012

Isa’s school…maybe Jimmy’s school?

Today Marc and I went to talk to the principal of Isa’s school about Jimmy going there on his off days from public school (Jimmy loves school). Isa goes to a Catholic school so it’s not really set up for a child with special needs. We had a great talk with the principal and I think there’s a good chance he could do it.

After our meeting we waited for school to end to pick up Isa. Isa was shocked that we were both there to pick her up and asked why. We told her that we were talking to Principal Dan about Jimmy going to school at SFX. She was so excited. Out came a lot of stuff that I will try my best to paraphrase but I am horrible at it but you will get the idea. After the excitement of him going there some real concerns came out.

Isa’s stream of thought:  “Um, I don’t know if Jimmy can go because in the three-year-old school you need to talk and walk… like walk in a straight line. When the kids go outside to play they need to be in a straight line. Like Audrey’s kid, Tessi, and Sophie’s kid (actually their little sisters), they can talk and walk straight. See, those kids in the four-year-old school are just like me, only littler.  Sometimes they go out to the sport court and play with us, so they’re kind of like us.  So maybe when Jimmy’s older,  he can go.”

Isa is very protective of Jimmy when other people point out things he can’t do and she is super excited about the idea of Jimmy being at the same school as her, so don’t think that she is down on Jimmy’s abilities, she was just thinking it all through out loud.  I was amazed at how she described her friends’ little sisters as like her but smaller (unlike Jimmy). I told her I might go and be with Jimmy to help him walk in a straight line and tell everyone what he’s signing and then I asked her what she thought about that but by that time she was thinking of other things and couldn’t be bothered.

Here is a photo of Jimmy and his tutor!




I’m so excited about the possibility. I’m glad Isa is too.


  1. Those kids of yours have the most amazing relationships... what a wonderful job you have done with them. xoxo

  2. Isa is such a great big sister. I hope Jim Jim gets in the schooL!

  3. So cool. I've been trying to get a hold our church's school to see if they have a PPCD program, but I always seem to call when they aren't answering the phone.