Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 2012

This weekend was a whirlwind of activity and I probably should be in bed but I want to get a post out for my die hard fans out there. There is one of you! But let me back up, the first picture is of Isa right after her Earth Day Play. She got sad because she thought I wasn’t there but I was and I saw her play. It was cute.


Back to today! There are so many moments that one witnesses and you just wish you had your camera ready. Rosie and Jimmy were talking to one another. Jimmy would sign something and then Rosie would sign the same thing. It was super cute. Of course, once they notice you, they stop but luckily they forgot about me and started up again. If only I spoke their language, I would translate for you.


What was that again? :)


I think they are talking about cookies, or chickens, or maybe jumping….so hard to tell but probably none of the above.


It makes sense that Jimmy gets sick the most. He puts his mouth on everything. I decided last week not to send Jimmy to summer school and to send him to camp instead. He’s old enough for beach camp but I thought the odds of him getting e coli were too great seeing how he puts his mouth on everything so he will be at SLC’s on-site camp.


They look pretty cute. Rosie clearly wants Jimmy off but thankfully for Jimmy, he’s bigger!


Jimmy heading to the slide (mostly I just love how green everything is in this picture).


I just barely missed the best smile ever but you can see it in his eyes!


Isa, miss safety!


We visited Jonny and Lisa today and Lisa’s sister, April. Jimmy and Rosie performed! Rosie’s a fan of the full body keyboard playing. I don’t actually let her do whatever she wants…but when it’s a cute photo, heh!


Isa trying to share a few words of wisdom.


Hey man, quiet down, we don’t take request…just enjoy the show!


Sorry Jonny but I like this pic of Lisa!


Dance party! Jimmy (I think) found a cool song on the keyboard and everyone started to dance. It was great.


Then after all of that fun, we went to Gigi’s. There was a storyteller there that was amazing. I kept waiting for the lady to find a book from her big bag but she never did. I was 100% captivated and so were Jimmy and Bobby.

Jimmy was amazed. He sat down, got up, walked over to her, he couldn’t get enough!


so great, check out Jimmy, Bobby and Isa all laughing. They love it!


He couldn’t get enough! It was awesome watching Jimmy watch her. He seemed so much older for some reason. He paid attention and laughed when everyone else laughed. He really got it!


It was a great day at Gigi’s play house and, of course,  Jimmy played with his two favorite toys in the world.


On a sad note, Marc’s Grandma, Grace Harrison, died yesterday on Saturday, April 28th. May she rest in peace.

Pictures are from Thanksgiving 2008




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