Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bobby turns 4!

My guess is that in 18 years, Jimmy and Bobby will be roommates and they will be tearing up the streets of Wrigleyville. They will be cheering for the hopeless Cubs and loving life. Wouldn’t that be great?! Today we celebrated his fourth birthday at Gigi’s.

Jimmy doesn’t like to change things up too much…two maracas- check!


Wait, you said two maracas right?!


This little man is Eli. He has the best hair and smile! There’s a good chance he will be one of Jimmy and Bobby’s roommates too!


Isa LOVES parties even if they are for the younger kiddos. She found balloons and a stage. She told jokes to a young couple with no kids and helped hand out the cake.


I think I was the only one watching but I’m pretty sure Isa thought all eyes were on her!


the finale of round one out of approximately 20 rounds!


He still has two maracas!


Ethan and Jimmy. They played next to each other for awhile and it was hilarious because they moved over and under one another and never seemed to noticed the other guy was there.



Even when Jimmy was sitting on Ethan, they both kept playing!


The birthday boy, Bobby!


Did I mention music? It was a fabulous party!


Jimmy passed out on the way home holding two maracas!

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  1. OMGoodness, I LOVE the two maracas and sitting on top of one another... so perfect. Do we get to see each other this weekend?!