Sunday, May 20, 2012

Grandma Bebe’s in town!

When Grandma Bebe arrived, I quit my day job, and went full-time into manual labor. First, I borrowed the most amazing machine in the world, the power washer (thanks Joe), and then cleaned my deck and fence. It took me two full days of near constant work and there is still some fence to be done but it’s on the side of the house no one goes…so who knows if I will ever finish. The next three days were spent staining the fence and deck. We had great weather for all of the above. Oh, and I  pained the walls of the new stairs and my mom sanded and painted the stairs. I enjoyed the time off of working with the kids but now I’m ready to go back to hanging out and relaxing all day (ya know, in between making food, cleaning up food, breaking up fights over toys and all of that)!


The power washer is amazing! Our fence looks brand new!


Chutes and Ladders and a few crayons for Rosie


I almost forgot that I took a break from the manual labor to get my nails done with Isa and my mom! The best was we took Isa out of school early to make our appointment and when Isa told her teacher what she was doing, her teacher said it was “unacceptable.”  I asked her what she said to her teacher after that and Isa said she told her that she couldn’t help it because I was taking her and her teacher was like, well if that’s what your mom does there is nothing I can say about it (very loosely paraphrasing). Marc and I were laughing so hard at her story. Later, I emailed the teacher later to explain and she called me the next day to let me know she was just messing with Isa. She very much approves of having fun while in Kindergarten. First grade is a whole different story though! jk


Soccer game! This is the first game I have made this season. Check out Rosie’s hair!


Isa! Her best skill by far is her Avatar stance that she does while waiting for the ball to be thrown in or kicked! Sadly, I don’t have it on camera.



It was hot today so we brought out the pool! Jimmy was loving it.


I’m really not trying to show off my deck! I was trying to capture Rosie’s 5 pound diaper that I took off shortly after taking this photo. I noticed she was having trouble getting into the pool and walking around. Her diaper was seriously heavy.


Yes, she is!


She cracks me up.


Marc went to the hardware store and came home with three great chairs for the kiddos.


Rosie must have water with her at all times.



On the way to the airport today to drop my mom off, we stopped by Walmart and got a new microwave and a few other odds and ends. Check, Check, Check!

Jimmy on a real swing!



  1. It always amazes me how much our two youngest are alike. Darth Baby can't be without water, either.

  2. I love Rosie's baby mullet! Eamon has one, too. ;)