Monday, May 14, 2012

Jimmy goes to Isa’s School, Grace’s funeral, Mother’s day, and a whole lot more!

Last Friday Isa took the day off from school but we went at the tail end of the day because it was the last day before Mother’s day and I wanted the  gift Isa made and because they were going to release the butterflies that had transformed in their very own class. Jimmy, Rosie, Isa and I had a lovely time!


Everyone said hi to Jimmy and a few asked questions about him. Isa was more than happy to answer all the questions. Can he talk? “He has Down syndrome so it takes longer for him to learn stuff like talking.”


Can he walk? Isa took him off the wall to show that he could! He took a few steps and then climbed right back on the stone wall. Everyone was satisfied that he could walk!


I got some great Mother’s day gifts. One was an interview Isa did with her teacher about me.


“Sit down, get down” is a game played in the bath tub. It makes me very nervous to watch it.

She drew a picture of me with my brown hair and brown eyes. She later realized the name for my hair color is dirty blonde.


Jimmy made me some cool stuff too.  He came home with paint in his hair several days in a row just for me!




On Mother’s day, Marc took the kids to his mom’s house where Aunt Tessa, Aunt Ellie, Uncle Randy and all the local relatives were. Probably not the most relaxing mother’s day for Jo but she’s a great sport!  While they were away, my parents and I did this! It’s beautiful!


and thisDSC02270

and this!


Rosie loves the slides and will go on the tallest slides at the park and will refuse to hold your hand. She will even go in the tunnel slides. Her hair goes wild.


Aunt Tessa came to visit. We played Pretty Princess. Tessa won, of course!




Jimmy’s not afraid of the slides either. He likes to hang out on top of the playgrounds.


When at the park, Isa prefers to play on the outskirts and find and spy on some boys to run from!


This was taken at the reception of Grace Cobean Harrison’s funeral. I hope to post some more photos of her and her story later so check back if you are interested! Grace’s grandkids: Dan, Marc, Kit, Tommy, Tessa, Carrie, Ellie, and MandyDSC02236

Isa and Olivia in the fort under the stairs.



Who got a wagon?!


Rosie’s favorite game anyplace, anywhere…put on the shoes/take off the shoes, then repeat.


Rosie’s other favorite game: eating. mo, mo, mo, mo!


followed by, o-pee, o-pee, o-pee…those of you that understand probably hang out with one year olds!


I feel I should mention that the weekend before last, I got away! I spent the weekend crafting in a small town outside of Madison. It was fabulous. Marc had the kids and managed even with work sending emails every two seconds. During the weekend we saw Five year engagement. It was alright.


My mom has big plans this week for my house! Let’s see what gets done!


with the kids around


begging for more Grandma Bebe!


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  1. I love seeing these sorts of posts. I need to do more of them, but most days I don't even get around to posting my daily pics.

    Looking at the picture with you, Isa, and Tessa, it looks like Isa is a perfect mix of you and Tessa.