Monday, July 30, 2012

Get you in the loop!

It’s been awhile. I have been working hard. We got back from Michigan and Jimmy got really sick. He had Herpangina, which is also known as hand, foot, and mouth. It was a struggle to get him to drink a few sips each day but somehow we avoided the ER. He’s now healthy again and climbing everything at the park just a few pounds lighter. This is what his tongue looked like when he was on the mend (as in he started to eat a little bit of chocolate ice cream).


Rosie got her first haircut. She did pretty good.


Stop lady, I’m growing out my bangs.


Isa opened a clothing store.

2012 - 7 - rosie's first hair cut camp show isa's food rainbow

Isa went to dance camp for a week and it ended with a performance. It was maybe four minutes long and I walked in two minutes late. Rosie pooped right as we were leaving. What I saw was great though and Isa cracked jokes mid-performance and in the question and answer part. She’s a ham and LOVES being on stage.


She’s so happy she got a laugh!


Marc did this! Pho Reelz.


Jimmy back in climbing mode after two weeks off from the park with cousin Al.


No, mom, I’m not drinking the water, geez.


You may notice Rosie is wearing underwear. No, she’s not potty trained. I wanted to try out this method on Rosie that I was planning to do with Jimmy but I think all I managed to do was make Rosie realize that diapers were no fun. So now she just takes off her diaper and pees where ever she pleases. Good times for me!


Today I tried to put a training pull-up on Rosie hoping she would keep it on…she took it off before she finished her ice cream treat.


Block party. It’s hard to tell but the fire fighters are shooting water up into the air and the kids are going crazy.


Isa was so funny. She tried to outsmart the water and run free but it got her a few times and I think it hurts being hit by the water from the fire fighter’s hose.




It’s sliding time!


Isa seriously said, “maybe people will think it’s a stripe"!” She cracks me up.


We had a great day. My friend Elijah didn’t have such a great day. He was opened up and had bypass surgery. He’s struggling to live. Please say a prayer for him. He’s Jimmy’s future roommate and has a future modeling. His hair is always perfect and he has an amazing smile.


We are praying and rooting for you Eli! Lots of love to everyone who loves you!

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  1. praying for little Eli so so scary

    Poor jimmy weve had hand foot and mouth but never seen anything like that. glad he is better

    how is the potty training going