Monday, August 27, 2012

Isa’s first day of school!

Ages ago, I set up Rosie’s two year old well visit for this very morning. There was no way I could go and Marc had a call he had to take downtown so he couldn’t go either. Thankfully, Grandma Bebe, Grandma Jo, and Papa Jeph were able to take her. What a lucky kid! Jeph did an amazing job documenting the drop off.100_1556

Bebe, Isa, and Jo


Exciting entry way!




Her locker!

At h

At her desk…I think her teachers may have gotten a warning about her talking and smartly put her on the end. She was always on the end in Kinder too!


After Jeph, Jo, and Bebe left, they saw Isa waving from the window of her classroom.


I was really sad to miss it but I feel like I was there. Thank you Jeph for the amazing photos! For historical purposes…the Harrison Brick!


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