Sunday, August 19, 2012

the weekender: parks, church festival, birthday parties!

Jimmy looking good on his last day of camp.


Jimmy went to Camp R.E.A.L., a two week camp hosted by the Evanston park district for kids with special needs. The age range was 3-22. Jimmy was the youngest and was awarded “Rookie of the Year.” They canoed, went to the beach, bowled, met cute little animals, went on scavenger hunts and did lots of arts and crafts.


From day one, Jimmy’s smiles, hugs, and good looks captured the hearts of all the counselors. One time when I was picking him up one counselor was mumbling how I need to get his face on the cover of a magazine. I totally agree!


The camp totally wiped Jimmy out. I actually kept him home on four of the ten days because he needed time to recover. Outside of camp, he mastered this climbing wall. It took all summer but he can do it!


Jims is talking to grandma Jo on the phone (listening).


Isa and Rosie in a little cave!


Rosie can also climb the wall and it’s freaky how well she can do it. I’m so excited for her to take gymnastics with grandpa this fall. She will be so much stronger than she was last spring.


We went to Notre Dame de Chicago’s August Fest. It was great fun and felt easy because we handed Rosie off to grandma Jo. Thanks Jo!


He’s pleased with himself!


Isa, Lisa, and Mary!


Me and the Jims!


Fire trucks are the coolest!


Isa thought she would take it for a drive. Don’t let Isa drive the truck!


Isa won a raffle at the fair and when her number was called, she got up, and ran to the lady. It was pretty awesome. Tonight she tried to get away with sleeping in Marc’s guitar case.


We celebrated with Conor on his 5th birthday. It was a great party and reunion of some of my favorite people in the ds community. Conor is on the drums, Bobby is in the back ground, and Jimmy’s got two shakers!


Now Bobby’s on the guitar.


Adi’s getting ready for her solo with her sister, Ella!


It was a great week!

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  1. It was great to see you! Jimmy is getting so big! I love that he can do the climbing wall!