Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day Weekend!

This labor day was one of my favorites ever. We had no set plans. We made things up as we went along. Marc took out the bikes, we rode them to Lovelace Park, we went to the Morton Arboretum, and visited Jonny and Lisa. All in all a great weekend with lots of down time.


Isa is ready to ride!  The helmet is a hand-me-down from a classmate’s little sister – Isa was a little embarrassed she has such a tiny head.  We passed it on to Jimmy now.  DSC05931

Jimmy and Rosie switched places.  No one likes the trailer.   DSC05938

The Morton Arboretum.  They called this a “Tree House” – I guess, because it is near a tree.  Isa was not convinced. 



Jimmy spotted the sisters from the Pirate ship “tree” house.  DSC05954





The big girls looking cute.  DSC05967

Jimmy is thinking about how to get those metal things in his mouth.   He can’t quite reach.DSC05971

Rosie running through the flower path.  DSC05976

Marc wondering where he lost the children in all these flowers. DSC05977

Isa is helping spot one of the others.DSC05978

Jimmy signing water by the pump.  Rosie is trying her best to help.DSC05983

They totally sat in those three chairs all by themselves – no way me and Marc staged this for a photo or anything like that.DSC05986



It was great. Now back to the grind. :)

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