Sunday, October 14, 2012

Buddy Walk!


Have I mentioned that Jimmy has Down Syndrome?


It’s weird but I don’t say Down syndrome that much and it’s not something I think about a lot. Jimmy is just Jimmy. Today, though, it meant that my family went to the Chicagoland Buddy Walk to raise money for local groups that help kids and adults with Down syndrome. It was an awesome day!


We were on Elijah’s Butterfly Effect team. We had beautiful shirts and remembered a small boy who changed the world.


It took us an hour to get there and it rained the whole way. I had a feeling though that it would all work out. When I parked the car there was sunshine.  We heard music and joined the party! ( the girl behind Rosie is Mia…I saw Jimmy eyeing her!)



Jimmy was getting down!


Rosie was busting a move as well!


Jimmy  tried to give Mia a hug.


She politely said no, so then he casually walked away while looking over his shoulder.


Then they shared a dance!


Isa had fun too!


Evan! He just had one question, “where’s Isa?”


Check out the clouds in the sky.


This explanation won’t do it justice, but I saw Rachel Coleman walking to the stage and I yelled at my friend, Katie, “ do you see her, it’s Rachel.” I had tears in my eyes. I was trying to nonchalantly wipe them with my shirt but I was SO excited I cried.  I started watching Singing Time when Isa was one year old. My great friend, Angel, gave it to Isa on her first birthday and we have been hooked ever since. I totally have a crush on her and she gave an amazing performance. When she was two songs away from finishing, a lady jumped on stage to tell everyone not to worry but there are tornado sirens going off. Isa completely freaked out and Rachel was like, “I’m feeling brave, I can finish my last two songs.” Her manager told her she had one song and that’s it. The song she sang was Special to Me. It was the last song that Elijah heard right before they took him off life support. Rachel’s mouth was quivering as she flawlessly sang her beautiful song. It was so touching. If Isa wasn’t as freaked out as she was, begging for us to go in the basement of a nearby building, I have little doubt that I would have cried and I wouldn’t have been ashamed to wipe my tears.


This was Jimmy the entire time. He didn’t sing or sign or anything, he just watched in utter amazement.


Rosie freaked a little bit when she saw Hopkins. She likes to ask, “Where’s Hopkin’s?” Rosie sang and signed everything and I noticed Rachel noticing. I was proud!


Rachel sang the feelings song and had a bunch of volunteers go up to sign the different feelings. We know who sang silly! Sami! She’s the second girl from the left.


This was seconds before it started to pour! Jimmy was getting lots of attention from the ladies!


This day was supposed to be about the kids having a great time but I think I had the best time! It was so awesome to be around so many wonderful people and to watch Rachel live. By far my most favorite concert ever!

Being part of the Down Syndrome community is seriously awesome!


  1. Agreed, what an awesome community to be a part of! =) And I saw the excitement of Rachael in your eyes when you yelled over to me. You almost made ME cry. And then I did cry later with Eli's special song. What an amazing day!

  2. Sami LOVED her moment on stage!!!!:)

  3. So cool to see Rachel. I'm always jealous when I see this and told Q that if I know she is showing anywhere in Texas that I'm going to drive the girls there to see her. Isa always looks like she is having a good time.

  4. I am emotional just reading about this... sounds like an amazing day! Hugs to the kiddos :)