Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December Fun!

December started off with a wonderful production of the Jungle Book!
 Isa was awesome! She was the baby elephant, an ape, a snake and a vulture. I hope I didn't forget a part. 
 Afterwards we celebrated with the family. All the locals were there and that now includes LUKE! Below Rosie is reaching for her balloon. She couldn't believe Aunt Lisa could reach it.
 Jimmy loved the balloons too.

 It's rare that you see Isa genuinely wiped out but she was after her show.
 Jimmy played with the balloons like this till the pizza arrived.
Jimmy enjoying the festivities with Lisa and Jonny
Isa's flowers from her show. Well deserved!
Aunt Lisa reading a Christmas book with Rosie.

We got our Christmas tree! We picked up Marc from the train, got cash, and went to the lot in 16 degree weather. I put snow pants on all of the kids. I kind of wish I wore mine.
 Thankfully Isa didn't mess around and picked one out very quickly. All the kids were happy about the selection made!

 Second snow!
 Isa stayed home from school to help decorate the tree. I might even out the ornaments a little. This is the work of Isa and Rosie.
 Our mantle!
 Our little elf. 
 Some snow fun. The snow is a little hard for snowman making but they tried anyways. I watched from inside. It was cold.

 Rosie made this with Grandma Jo at parent and tot art class. I love it!
 Close up of the mantle. I have always wanted one.
 My mom made the kids' stockings. 

 Even the backs are decorated. 
 A close up. Look at that stitching!

Isa took a free ice skating class and had a great time!
 Rosie's first time in skates.
 Here she's walking out with her class.
 Her class spent most of the time off the ice practicing how to get up on their skates from their knees. Then they sit on a chair and get a ride to their practicing area on the ice.
 They practiced by pushing a chair. Rosie could not get her chair to move. I think it weighs more than her. 
 Once on the ice, they spent a lot of time sitting. It was cute.
 After class I called Rosie, my little ice skater, and she promptly replied, "I'm an apple."
 Sometimes the kids get drumsticks for dessert. Rosie tends to eat a few bites and then gives her ice cream to Jimmy. Jimmy is happy to help her out. 
 I took the kids to breakfast with Santa at SFX. It was fun. Here the kids are decorating a cookie.

 For the most part, Rosie went where she wanted alone while I followed Jimmy.
 They turned the music on loud when Santa came in and Jimmy started dancing. 
 Rosie ran up to Santa for a closer view.
 The next day we went to the Upsfordowns Holiday party. The kids got to see Santa again and got presents!
 It's Santa! (not really...they were just looking at other people but it would be cool if that were true)

 Rosie out playing in the snow with daddy.

 Here she's jumping on the mini trampoline.

 We have a snow blower but haven't got gas for it. Marc doesn't mind too much though. I think he likes the workout. Good work!