Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rosie's Three! Laurie Berkner and First Day of School!

Rosie had a great birthday. She was so excited that people were coming to sing to her. All her friends came. The one person she wanted to be there the most was her friend, Isla! 
Water Colors!

Rosie loved that everyone sang happy birthday to her. It was the highlight of her party!

It was hard to capture her excitement from my angle but she was overjoyed.

Big girls in the wagon!

Let's eat cake!

Jimmy was so happy it was a pool party!

This is Kevin! The day after the party he broke his leg. :(

Rosie screamed for every gift she opened.

Scream! Roller skates!

Rosie roller skating!

She was great at it with someone's help!

The youngest party goer was Charlotte at 2 weeks and a few days old! 

Classic Rosie pose. My guess is we will be seeing this for the next few years.

party favors!

Super cool, Lisa!
Rosie got to hold baby Charlotte! 

Rosie and Lily!

We went to see Laurie Berkner at Ravinia. She's Jimmy's favorite singer. He found her on the Sprout Tunes App and has listened to every song she has ever sang many many many times! It's amazing how he singled her out.

He stared with amazement.

Marc got excited too!

At one point they threw beach balls in the audience and Jimmy did not approve. He didn't want anything to distract him from Laurie and her music.

This is Laurie with a pig on her head!

They had important business mid-show to discuss.

Jimmy and I after the show!

Isa's first day of 2nd Grade!

She was SUPER excited!

with me!

with dad!

At school! Isa was getting a little annoyed with me. She knows the way to class so there is no reason for me to go with her! Whatever! Rosie and I followed her all the way!

Rosie really wants to go to school.

Isa at her desk in Miss Davis' 2nd grade class. 

Jimmy's first day of school was today! He wasn't into the photo shoot...at first

But he started to perk up.

when Rosie joined in.

Look at these cuties!

Smiles! Jimmy's in Kindergarten in Ms. Tabas' class.



Rosie took her first ballet class today. It was like her first day of school. She was super excited. She told us how nice her teacher was before she even met her. She told me she had friends in the class too before she got there as well. I kissed Isa good bye when I dropped her off at school and Rosie said, "you kiss me at ballet!"

 Cutest picture EVER!

Isa made Rosie some clothes with wrapping paper!

outfit #2
Designer Isa strikes a pose!

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