Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Labor Day Weekend, Block Party, Ice Cream Social and more!

Rosie at gymnastics.

Go Rosie Go!

Jimmy at his school's ice cream social!

He loves his school!...especially when they serve ice cream and have a DJ.

There's dancing! Holy Moly!

He's getting in the groove!

He was out on the dance floor the entire time...2 hours!

He loved this guy and his cool dance moves.

It was SO fun to watch.

Rosie and Isa were on the dance floor too!

Isa heard the DJ say that whoever danced the most was the winner and took that statement very seriously. She would have won that competition if it were a real competition.

Jimmy with two girls from his class!

At one point Jimmy fell down and his classmate helped him up.

They danced together for a long time. Jimmy was so engaged. That's Isa in the background doing the splits!

Jimmy likes to sign sleep.

He also likes to pretend he's sleeping.

Jimmy dancing with his classmate. Best video EVER!

Block party fun! We got to hang out in the street with our neighbors. There was face painting!

Jimmy liked to hang in one spot and then all of a sudden move and freak out Marc and I.

Rosie handed out gummies. One boy told her his mom doesn't let him have gummies. She looked at him like what?

Marc and I barely saw Isa. She ran from one side of the block to the other and had the time of her life.

face painting station

There's Isa!


Isa and Ella in their spy gear.

Isa to the rescue!

a little bit after school started but new shoes for school!

Look at the fish!

Who wants to spend 12 dollars for a three minute train ride. We do!

You wouldn't know it but Jimmy loved the train ride and cried horribly when he was removed from the train.

Choo choo!

Bowling fun over labor day weekend with Jonny and Lisa!
Jimmy loved all the cheering and excitement from the great bowling!

Isa was horrified to lose both games to Jimmy.

Very competitive Isa kept her eyes on the score board.

It's been a great couple of weeks!

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