Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Fun!

Fun with visitors! Uncle Luke came to visit! We tailgated with friends and enjoyed watching Northwestern win!
Mada came to visit too. She's the cutest thing in the world! Thank you April for bringing your sweetness with you!
Jimmy loves tailgating and eating ALL of the watermelon on the plate!
He's like, "what, it's only my 10th piece!"
Isa running around with the SFX gang!
The Lannan Tailgate!
I love it when family is in town!
Jimmy drawing with his big sister!
Rosie playing with Aideen!
Luke, Lisa, Jonathan!
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Lisa and April with Rosie and Mada! 
Isa with many of her classmates.

Let's build a pyramid.
Isa looks like she couldn't be happier!
Good times!

At the game with my Jimmy Jims!
He's so easy to crack up!


All decked out in purple!

Leslie pulling Maddie, Isa, Sadie and Augie!
Rosie at ballet class.
My tiny munchkin in black LOVING being in her own special class.
Isa likes to play doctor with Rosie. Sadly, Rosie never gets to be the doctor. :(

Isa loves making knots. It's her forte! The swinging bike is great for eating a snack, modeling, exercising and good ol' fun!
Silly Isa!
double decker!
classic rosie pose!

Where's Jimmy!?
I bought costumes this year from Walmart. Cheap and fast! Ninja kids coming in October!
Rosie costumes has "tiny ninja" written on her shoulder. It's perfect!
Good morning! 

Jimmy right after he asked for popsicles for breakfast. He knows what he wants!
Isa has been begging for a lemonade stand. She got one customer!
Rosie and daddy hanging out on Sunday morning!

Life is good and busy!

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