Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ducks, Dolls, Mount Trash More, Kohls Children's Museum!

Jimmy had a few days off for teacher conferences and so I set up some play dates for him. A boy came over and I realized we don't have that many boy toys so we played outside the whole time and went to the park. We even fed the ducks. We went through a whole loaf of bread in 10 minutes. :)
Jimmy had a great time feeding the ducks with his friend, Aris.

He laughed every time the ducks ate the bread.
It was a warm day so we went to school an hour early and played on the play ground. Underdog!
Isa got a sewing book from the library and we decided to make dolls. 

stuffing our dolls
Isa's, Jimmy's, and Rosie's doll. 
We went to Mount Trash More and Marc took some great pictures of Jimmy and Rosie at the top. 

Isa ran into and old friend and they had fun together.

Papa Mark came to visit and we were treated to a nice dinner by Jo and Jeph. 
Rosie getting a Halloween card from Grandma Bebe!

Jimmy went to a birthday party from a kid in his class. He played soccer and even dodge ball. Marc was remarking to the birthday boy's grandma that he wan't sure he should play and the grandma patted Marc's arm and said, "Let's find out."

Jimmy's in the middle playing dodge ball. Marc said the balls were super soft and they had terrible aim. :)

Jimmy loves birthday cake!

Isa is a doctor!

Rosie wanted to join the fun. 
Jimmy LOVED the car! We will be going back. 

He also LOVED playing this drum. 

Marc and Jimmy on the xylophone together!
On stage!

I love this thing.
Rosie at ballet class. I took this picture through the glass door. 
Rosie waiting for class to start.

Till next time!

Monday, November 11, 2013


At the last minute Rosie decided she would be a strawberry for Halloween. 
Isa, my Ninja!
This is the best I could get of all three. 
The weekend before Halloween I went to a 60's themed benefit so I had an outfit ready! 

Rosie felt no need to trick or treat when we had huge bowls of candy in our home. 

She's doing the candy dance!
I asked Rosie to pose!

The kids in action.
Jimmy loved looking at the candy. If he had a piece of candy in his hand, he ate it, and then would trick or treat for another piece. 

We had to make sure he took the wrappers off first. 
It was lots of fun!

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The craziest house we went trick or treating. It even had a temporary fence around it all.