Friday, November 1, 2013

Down Syndrome Awareness Month

October is Down syndrome awareness month and I did nothing to make people aware of how Jimmy is great. Hello! Jimmy is now 5! He's currently in a typical kindergarten program that is half day. The other half of the day he's in the special education classroom. He knows all the kids' names in his class and loves playing with them before and after school on the playground. There are two girls in particular that watch over Jimmy. They push him on the swing and watch out for him on the playground. It's incredibly sweet. Jimmy is reading over 400 words and got a special visit from Nikki on Halloween! He's reading in his ninja costume.
Jimmy has learned how to beat up on his younger sister. He does it with a smile :(. He makes request for ice cream, Go Diego Go, and the iPad frequently. His real love is playing outside at the playground and climbing up to the top of everything there is to climb.

I helped him get up there. This spider contraption is tricky. 
I helped Rosie too. 
Jimmy loves being at the top looking down. 

Jimmy loves playing with Rosie!

One great thing about having a kid with Down syndrome is all the awesome friends I have met. This is Katie! Mother to Jack, who just turned 5. He and Jimmy have such opposite strengths just like all kids. Some are more athletic or into music or reading or shakers or jumping off couches! They aren't just Down syndrome. 
Jimmy loves to laugh. He says "home" and wants me to say it back in a deep voice and then he cracks up. He loves to be tickled with my chin and likes me to say things with my face against his because it tickles him.

I love this kid! 

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