Monday, November 11, 2013


At the last minute Rosie decided she would be a strawberry for Halloween. 
Isa, my Ninja!
This is the best I could get of all three. 
The weekend before Halloween I went to a 60's themed benefit so I had an outfit ready! 

Rosie felt no need to trick or treat when we had huge bowls of candy in our home. 

She's doing the candy dance!
I asked Rosie to pose!

The kids in action.
Jimmy loved looking at the candy. If he had a piece of candy in his hand, he ate it, and then would trick or treat for another piece. 

We had to make sure he took the wrappers off first. 
It was lots of fun!

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The craziest house we went trick or treating. It even had a temporary fence around it all.

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