Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thanksgiving Week!

Thanksgiving morning, Marc and I ran the turkey trot in Evanston for the third year in a row. It was my best time yet! 
Thanksgiving One at Jonny and Lisa's house! Sadly, I took almost no photos. 
Our new table! Marc's dad made it. It's beautiful!

Thanksgiving TWO with ALL of Marc's siblings at his parents house. His mom made a wonderful feast!
Jimmy looking awesome!

 Everyone greeting one another. It's been a long time since we have seen Ellie and Randy.
Lots of hugging! Then the big REVEAL happened. What gender is baby Bly?
 It's a boy!

 At one point Isla got my camera and then it was passed around to all of the kids.

Next up in no particular order, other events from Thanksgiving week.
Rosie and Jimmy having fun with Agatha and ice cream! It was Agatha's first sleep over at our house.
Aga was a wonderful guest!

Aga with her headband and baby carrying pack!
Aga made this doll when she was over. She has the touch of a true artist!
It's super man!
Jacob letting the kids climb all over him.
Aga spent the night and we had lots of fun.
Jimmy feeding the fish at the Garfield Park Conservatory. We had lots of fun with Kit, Janet, Olivia, Aga, Al, Isla, Tessa, and Jacob!

My cute man!
What is bigger? Rosie or the leaf?
Jimmy and the gang LOVED this slide. 
Rosie and Isla posed for many wonderful photos. 

crafts at the conservatory
I got a thank you card with this on front. 
We saw Frozen with Olivia, Al, Aga, and Isla. It was a fun movie!
Thanksgiving outing with Janet, Kit, Tommy, Tessa, and Jacob!
Rosie had a play date with Harriet and Nora. They hung out in the closet with headbands. 
Isa's class led the mass at school. Isa read one of the prayers of the faithful. Rosie and I couldn't see her but we both knew it was her when we heard her. Isa didn't even tell us she had a part to read. In the back row and we understood her perfectly.
Classic Isa pose. 
I was busy cleaning and came into the room and saw this. Rosie set up a snack for Jimmy and herself.

Next up December Fun!

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  1. I love that last picture of Jimmy and Rosie eating a snack together.