Saturday, January 25, 2014

A few photos from 2013 but mostly 2014!

Marc and Isa made a snowman!

Marc and I took Isa to see Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. She loved having her parents to herself!

The Bulls with Joe! 
Marc took Isa and her friend sledding.

Marc got to spend sometime with Tessa in December in LA.

Tess is a little scared of the bear. 

Most of the pictures are from Marc's phone. This one is from Thanksgiving. 
The morning of Thanksgiving after running a 5K. 
Go Marc! 
I love the tile and Jimmy! 
View from Marc's seats. The flying bull even has a better view.  
Rosie being a cutie pie. 

Rosie started school in January. She picked this outfit out for her first day.
She pretended like she was scared but I think she was just playing us. Look at her! 
Picture with Rosie on her first day! 
A bunch of us were going to bowl but there was an hour wait so everyone came over to our house instead. We had fun!

Hug, stick out tongue, repeat! 
Bobby looking cute! 

Conor looking hot in his tutu! 

Lots of Conor - Jimmy bonding! 
Rosie demanding everyone's attention! 
Bobby rocking out on the piano! 

Looking forward to some warmer days...hopefully! Happy 2014!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Christmas in Wilmette! Wittig Style!

Christmas 2013 was one of the best Christmases EVER! Nate's family flew in from Hawaii. Mom, dad, and Jacob flew in from SA. Luke just moved to Chicago and we spent an awesome week together. Everyone flew in on Christmas Day and went straight to Wilmette for a wonderful meal made by yours truly! On the 26th, we celebrated Christmas together. We had a wonderful roast beast made once again by the best! :) jk! We opened presents and Rosie chanted for each person and it was contagious. We were all hoarse by the end. Afterwards we played some Texas Hold'Em and the Isa/Lisa team won. The following days included lots of food made by the brothers and wives and lots of talk of how to make the perfect salsa. Rosie and Emma loved the quality time they got together. It was a Merry, Merry Christmas!

 Emma, Rosie, and Isa were responsible for dispersing the gifts. 

 The first Hawaiian shirt of the night!
 Jimmy opening his gift. 
 It's a shirt! He knows just how to model it!
 You must put on any clothes you get!
 It's a TABLE RUNNER! or Hawaiian chocolate. 

 Someone's excited! Isa, Isa, Isa!!!
 A Hawaiian shirt and a calendar. 

 Jake the great!
 Jimmy trying on his Hawaiian shirt.
 He LOVES it.

 Rosie corrected everyone, "Mark and Bebe, Mark and Bebe!"
 It's a book!
 It's another book!
 Let's take pictures!
 The boys.
 The girls.
 Now ALL the girls.
 Ring around Claire!
 Jimmy's awesome pose.

 All the Wittigs!
Rosie, Marc, Mark, Bebe, Lisa, Isa, Jonathan
Jacob, Luke, Christi, Jimmy, Leticia, Claire, Nathan, Emma
What is it?

 more of the same!

Claire and Jonny
Dinner on our new table.
The cutest girl at the table!
We convinced Mary to join us.
I was telling funny jokes!
Jimmy loved all the attention from his uncles.
Texas Hold'em Style with Limeritas
The adults went out to Second City. 

Texas Fight! Watching the game with the best family around!

 With our partners!

With Claire and Emma!
 Happy Birthday to Lisa!
Happy Birthay to Lisa, Happy Birthday to you. 
 Marc doing the dishes!

 My brothers!
 Peace Out!
 Lisa at 20 weeks or pretty close!
 The theme is Texas!

 Burleson Yard! We surprised Jacob with a family full of aprons. 

 Marc and Claire!
Jacob and Nathan, the master chefs!
 Burleson Yard, Burleson Yard, Burleson Yard!

 Claire loved it too!
Nate and Leti took the big girls to the movies.
 Isa, Rosie, and Emma
We went ice skating.
 Nate and I holding up Emma.
 Marc with Emma. Holding up a three year old is back breaking work.
 The girls preferred to be on the ground in tennis shoes.
 Rosie and I! 
Emma and Rosie playing a game! They had the best week together!
We went to the Children's Museum
 Claire loves the drum!

 Cutie Claire playing with water.

  Playing hide and seek with daddy!
 Story Time!

  Doctor hard at work.
  Time to shop.
  Emma was a serious grocery store employee.
  She bagged all the groceries.

 Rosie through the bread glass.

  Everyone took a turn driving the car.
 Emma's got the wheel.

 We went for a wintery walk.

 More to come, I hope! Busy, Busy, Busy!!!