Saturday, January 25, 2014

A few photos from 2013 but mostly 2014!

Marc and Isa made a snowman!

Marc and I took Isa to see Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. She loved having her parents to herself!

The Bulls with Joe! 
Marc took Isa and her friend sledding.

Marc got to spend sometime with Tessa in December in LA.

Tess is a little scared of the bear. 

Most of the pictures are from Marc's phone. This one is from Thanksgiving. 
The morning of Thanksgiving after running a 5K. 
Go Marc! 
I love the tile and Jimmy! 
View from Marc's seats. The flying bull even has a better view.  
Rosie being a cutie pie. 

Rosie started school in January. She picked this outfit out for her first day.
She pretended like she was scared but I think she was just playing us. Look at her! 
Picture with Rosie on her first day! 
A bunch of us were going to bowl but there was an hour wait so everyone came over to our house instead. We had fun!

Hug, stick out tongue, repeat! 
Bobby looking cute! 

Conor looking hot in his tutu! 

Lots of Conor - Jimmy bonding! 
Rosie demanding everyone's attention! 
Bobby rocking out on the piano! 

Looking forward to some warmer days...hopefully! Happy 2014!

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