Saturday, March 1, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!
 Rosie loved showing up in Isa's class for her Valentine's Day Party!
 Isa was super sweet and let Rosie work on her project. 

 Jimmy's Valentine's Day Party!
 Jimmy didn't care that much about the party but he did put half of his cards in the Valentine's Day boxes. He also stepped on a few and broke one. I couldn't get him to look at the cards he received to save my life. 

 Every now and again these two get along!

 Jimmy on the balance beam.
 The girls made a train.
 Jimmy at Messterpiece. He wan't into the art part but found some fun stuff to do.
 Kohl Children's Museum has become one of our favorite places to go. 
 One man show - JIMMY!
 Jimmy singing Leah's Farm!
 It's a monkey - NO, it's Rosie!
 Josefina decked out in a SFX uniform.
Kit is ready to cheer!
 Mad Scientist!

 Jimmy loves playing phone. It's always for me! Peeps always calling!

 Clodagh, Isa, Rosie, Maddie, Aideen, Jimmy, Ella, Kevin, and John
 Group shot at Kohl Children's Museum
 Four Square or just fill up the board. 
 Block time with Rosie!
 Jimmy on the big screen at the McKenzie Benefit. The donations tripled when he was up there!
 Isa crashed before dinner one evening in the most comfortable way. 

 I found Rosie asleep like lil' candy cane. 
Jimmy at Pump it Up celebrating Grace's birthday. He had the best time. His classmates looked out for him. We had to leave early and Jimmy was very mad. It was pretty cute. 
 Jimmy entangled with the girls! He's having a great time!
 Jimmy with his best bud, Grace!
Selfie! ;)
  Isa with her group of girls that just wanna have fun! Another mom and I choreographed a dance for them to perform at the talent show. They were awesome and had tons of fun. 

Ella and Isa
 Bunny Ears!

More to come...hopefully!

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