Saturday, March 1, 2014

Isa's Piano Recital!
 She did great!

 Static! Marc and the girls made this cool structure!

Isa after her first reconciliation. Her goal was to never sin again. 
 Handsome Jimmy!
 One morning I went into Jimmy's room and he wasn't there. SCARY! Thankfully he was downstairs. His door wasn't shut all the way and he found his way out. I have a feeling we will see more of this when he learns how to open his (thankfully) very tough to open door.
 Marc and I out benefit hopping!
 The cousins came over briefly and Marc made them all hot cocoa. The best Uncle EVER!
 Isa Pizza!
Marc took Isa to the Adventure Guides Camp Out! Here she is the helper for the cool bubble guy. She even got to go inside the bubble! 
They had fun sledding in very cold weather!

Jimmy was singing, "You're my best friend, I LOVE YOU!" Best song ever. 
 Jimmy looking cool!
 That's right, I like Diego!
 Marc took Isa to the Bulls Game. 
 She had a great time and still has a little imprint of the bull on her cheek. Poor girl has my skin and can't put face paint on her face without a reaction afterwards.
 Dad, Ice Cream, New Hat, and whatever that game is= AWESOME!

 Jimmy had a special time with Daddy at the Kohl Children's Museum!

 After the museum they went out for pizza.
 Then off to gymnastics!

 He finally got in the right position...but clearly the best way down is feet first.
 We all got the stomach flu. Poor Rosie sleeping some of it off. Marc had to stay home from work because Rosie and I were hit in the same day. My stomach still hasn't fully recovered.
 Isa did a report on Ulysses S Grant! She can't believe he didn't help get the girl vote?!!
 Roller Skating and Blading in the basement! 

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