Saturday, March 29, 2014

March Madness

Isa took the camera to school. She had fun taking pictures of her friends. 
Isa with her buddie, Katie, and her teacher, Ms. Davis.
 Isa's other buddy, Ella.
 Rosie with her friend, Audrey. She's so happy she has a play date. 

 Isa and Katie are doing a comedy show that was very funny. Lots of potty humor. 
 Some yummy stew Marc made when we were all recovering from the stomach flu. 
 Rosie's spider monster. 
 Party at Nevins!
 Isa made a great birthday present for Sean. She gave him a key chain compass. 

 Jimmy got hearing aids. He was great wearing them on the first day. 
 He loves playing with all the toys at the audiologist's office.

 You get a yummy treat when you get hearing aids. Just FYI!

 Rosie started swim lessons this month. She's gone three times and she talks the entire times. 
 Her goal is to swim with the ding dong on her back on her own. 
chatter, chatter, chatter

We have been outside on a few random days this month. It's been great!

Ella and Isa hanging out before gymnastics on a trash can.  

 My handsome man. 

 Rosie and a stick!
 Jimmy stood in the middle of these boys for a few minutes. He enjoyed being in the group. 
 Then all the boys left. :(
We all filled out a bracket. Rosie picked her schools based on how they sounded when shouted. She loved "homa" for Oklahoma, "hattan" for Manhattan, Woffard for Woffard, "natti" for get my drift. It was fun filling her bracket out. 
 Marc's bracket

Isa's bracket

Jimmy on a school field trip to Ridgeview restaurant. He orders and pays for his own food. He always gets chocolate chip pancakes!

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  1. I love the spider monster and Marc's stew. Does Jimmy swim? I tried lessons with the nerdlet and her people phobia had her screaming the whole time and I've never been able to find a lesson time for the bear cub that doesn't conflict with her other therapies and such.