Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Aristocats and Isa's birthday!

Isa's top fans! We eagerly awaited watching Isa in her play, the Aristocats. She was Toulouse!
 Thomas O'Malley, Duches, Marie, Berlious, and Toulouse (surrounded by alley cats).
 "I'm as tough as any old alley cat!"
 "Meow-fit" -Toulouse. "Hold on there, Tiger" - Thomas O'Malley

  Post Play High!
  Tough Toulouse!
 Toulouse and Marie
 Ready for the red carpet.
 Isabella and Isabella!
 Isa, Ella, and Clodagh
 Same night, Let's celebrate Isa's birthday! Luke and Isa!
 The awesome Ice Cream Cake I made!
 Isa blew out all of her candles.
 Jimmy loved all the excitement!
 From Ellie and Randy and Emmett!
 Before opening Isa said, " I'm excited about this because her gifts are BIG TIME!" She got the best reaction!
 I think she LOVED it!

 Talking charm bracelet!
 Rosie making sure she gets some attention!
 Great Poem!
  Rosie with her bestest Aunt in the Midwest!

 With some of her favorite people EVER!

It was a great day! Thank you to everyone who could celebrate with Isa and encourage her acting talents! 
Good Night!

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