Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Break 2014!

Spring break was great! 
Grandma Bebe flew in for the week to make our week off extra special and fun. 
The week started with Isa's birthday party. I love having her parties over spring break so we can invite everyone and have just a few join. Seven was the perfect number. 
 Monday was also the best weather day we had and the girls played outside wishing they came in shorts and tank tops. 

 They made personalized Clue games. It was cool to watch how they approached it differently.

 Isa learned how to ride a bike! It's amazing how once you know, you know!
 Marc gets ALL the credit!

 Congratulations, ISA!

 Jimmy LOVED being outside too. How can one not after our winter?
 Some how David Hasselhoff attached himself to this picture. I think it's pretty funny so I will leave it.
 Luke came to hang out and witness Isa's bike riding and hang out with the kids.
 We went to the park!

 Jimmy has been into putting mittens or socks on his hands. He found these mittens at the park. They make for cute pictures. 

 Polka dot girl.

 He finally decided after many tries to remove the gloves and then climb up. Success!

We spent a night at the Grizzly Bear Indoor Resort. It was a fun get away. The kids LOVED swimming in the pool. 

 After swimming, we went to the indoor arcade and had more fun. 

 Rosie went over to do this and they weighed her and then allowed her to do it. I kept thinking that if Rosie weighs enough to do this, can't everyone do it?
 My mom found out the next day that one must weigh 30 pounds. Rosie weighs 24 pounds. 
 She clearly talked her way in. 
This pink slide was a favorite for all three kiddos.  
 Isa said it made her heart pump nervously but that it was worth it!

 Jimmy in the bouncy house with his shoes on. Shhh!
 He hated it. 
 He loves it when you jump around him. 

 Carousel fun!
 The kids had fun in our basement! Circus Fun!

 We even went to IKEA. The best place on earth or something.

 After IKEA, we went to Lego-land. Fun for Isa and kind of fun for Jimmy and Rosie. It's definitely meant for older children. 
 The nice part was that we went with friends. 

 Cousin Fun - Always the best!

 Al threw the bag in the hole over 200 times. 

 Harrison Girls.

 The girls hosted a dance party. Five cents if you have it, free otherwise. The people that paid were a little annoyed. I thought it was hilarious!
 Al made a squirrel and bird store. 
Rosie looking extra cute in her spring gear.

 We also spent time with Rosie's soon to pop out cousin. 

Jimmy always finds the maracas! 
 Let's wrestle with Uncle Luke!

 I didn't take any pictures from the shower but there was a shower for Lisa. I made this great onesie!

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