Sunday, May 4, 2014

Downtown, Soccer, and Fun with Family!

Isa had the day off and Jimmy had school so I took the girls downtown. 
 Rosie and Isa loved the face fountain. 
 The Bean is fun too.
 My girls!

 We went to the Art Museum! 

 Daddy met us for lunch and some pictures with the LION!

After pictures with the lion we went to the park next door and Marc reminded me that it was in this park that we came up with Rosie's name Rosalind.  A great photo of Marc and Rosie!
 This sculpture is inappropriate!!!

  Jimmy had a half day and daddy worked from home so we went out for lunch at Bluestone.
 Jimmy was so happy to have a half day and lunch with daddy. SCORE!
 Fridays means Jimmy has soccer. He loves playing soccer with these girls. He manages to teach all the things he loves and gets them to do it!
 Top on his list, ring around the rosie!

  Marc and Isa playing on the sideline.  Too high!

  Jimmy goes down to his knees, so do the girls!
 Round 10 of ring around the rosie. 
 Isa flying high!
 Jimmy giving his next round of instructions!
 He's probably talking about the girls that dote on him in his class.
 A little soccer at soccer practice!
 "So what your saying is I should kick the ball?"

Rosie at her worst is pretty darn cute!!!
  Rosie's hair is growing!
Rosie and I hanging out while Jimmy practices soccer or flirting with's all debatable. 
  Funny Faces!
 Isa's First Communion Day. Daddy just got back from running a 5K and we are giving Rosie some attention. She's not a fan of attention being diverted to other family members.
 Swing in the air time!
  a little higher.
 Rosie and her cool dance moves.
Isa wrote this letter to God as part of her First Communion Prep. 
 Rosie snuggling with Aunt Lisa and her future cousin.  Rosie would like to name her Duschler.
Jimmy getting some Lisa LOVE!

Rosie working the rope!

Agatha and Olivia spent the night. We had lots of fun with the girls. We watched the Princess and the Bride and the Pirate Fairies and had some dance party fun!  Jimmy the great!
 Aga, the master picture taker!
 Sweet, sweet AGA and Hangman extraordinaire!

When my voice becomes awesome, this will be my CD cover.

  watching The Princess Bride
 Rosie made it to the eel scene and then took off. 

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