Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend and more!

Jimmy recently participated in his second season of Jump for Joy! Last week was the final week and recital. Jimmy did not do much dancing in the show. I think he was tired since he came straight from gymnastics but he loved watching the others perform. He clapped so hard for the other groups, one couldn't help but laugh and tear up a little! Cutest little man EVER!

 Jump for Joy dancer and the Heart-breakers from Misericordia.

 Just last week, I re-enrolled Isa in swim lessons after taking a two-three year break. She's finally ready to learn to swim!!! She was the only one in her group and did not stop swimming. Marc and I watched her with amazement!

 Jimmy also started. I don't know if they taught him anything except how to mess around with his teacher. :) She poured water on his head and then he poured water on her head. That happened 100+ times.He did enjoy sitting on the ducky. He was supposed to lay back on it.  His teacher was impressed with how much Jimmy LOVES the water.

Rosie being a regular was showing off!

 Memorial day weekend was spent with friends and family. Here we are at a largely second grade SFX gathering.  The kids humored us and let us take their picture.
 This is Jimmy at a birthday party of one of his classmates. 
 One girl and tons of boys. She didn't seem to notice.

 Rosie before ballet class.  Al Bundy style.

 Rosie is the reason we signed up Jimmy and Isa. She started swimming two months ago and is the first of our children to ever move up a level.

 Isa's class led mass and they got to go to school in their First Communion outfits.

  The second grade class.

 Isa reading on the exercise bike!

 Rosie at her final Moms and Tots.
 Jimmy loves moms and tots too so sometimes I let him go and take him to school late.

 Jimmy has been taking drum lessons this semester. He's got rhythm.

 It's impossible to get a good picture. As soon as he sees me, he stops playing.

 Rosie was invited to a pirate party. She couldn't have been happier!
 She refused to be photographed though.

Our new favorite park is Willard Park. 
 Jimmy and Rosie went down this slide many, many, many times.

 Jimmy went to a bowling party. They turned out the lights and turned on the disco lights. The bowling became second to the dance party. 
 Pizza time!
 There was break dancing and lots of hugging!

On our extra day off, we hung out with the cousins. It was a nice hot day and the pools/sprinklers were on and ready for the kiddos.

  All 7!
  Kit having a good time spraying the kids...I mean filling up the pool. ;)

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