Sunday, June 15, 2014

Caroline, Jimmy's Kinder Graduation, and end of the year fun!

Caroline entered the world on June 3rd! One hour old.
Caroline, 5 days old.

Isa's turn to hold Caroline.
Rosie's turn to hold her sweet cousin.

 Jimmy rocking his ENT appointment.
 Rosie went to field day at SFX and had the best time EVER!
 A week or two before Caroline entered the world.

 At the Cubs v Brewers game in Milwaukee living it up in the Miller Suite. 

 Jimmy LOVED the game and the crowd.

 Ella, Leslie and I!
 Who's the hot chick in blue?

 Rosie's happy with her peanuts.
 Let's go swimming! at ETHS.

 Jimmy's not far behind.
 Isa's dinosaur project. She got the Corythosaurus.

 Isa's thank you card to her teacher. 
  Grandma Bebe's in town to watch Caroline. 

 I made sure I got some Caroline time in too!

 The kids went to swimming lessons for 4 out of 8 days scheduled over two weeks. Hence, all the random swimming photos mixed in. 
 Isa had an end of the year piano recital. She did great! 
 Jimmy graduated from Kindergarten. He loved having daddy in his class.
Jimmy with his teacher, Ms. Tabas.

 I got it!

 Look at this, Daddy!
 Jimmy's kindergarten class!
   Last day of school party for Isa!

 My friend, Raquel, of 18 years was in town for a night. We got to catch up!
 Raquel always brings something for my kids. She's the best!
 1st day of summer involved a writing session of the play Jealousy and Love!
 Popsicle Party at Jimmy's school.

 Although the Wittigs are here for Caroline, they made the drive to visit us and even brought Caroline!

 Jimmy's still at school but the girls are off so we went to the beach!

 Finally! Jimmy's last day of school.

 Another popsicle party that has limbo thanks to Isa!
 Isa was very serious about playing limbo.

 This is a picture of a picture of Jimmy's soccer picture!
 With his girls!

Jimmy's diploma. The first picture is from the beginning of the year and the second, the end of the year.
  Jimmy on the slide after soccer. 

 Jimmy's soccer group!

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