Friday, June 27, 2014

Isa's week in San Antonio!

For Isa's birthday this year my parents bought her a flight to Texas. She had the best time EVER!
Isa met with David Letterman and asked him a few questions.
Then she went to the White House to talk policy. More reality talent shows. Come on, People!

Enough about this guy already!
Clearly the chair got it right!

Marc always jokes that Isa should become the first dancing astronaut. 

 Isa made it to PawPaw's birthday. That's two years in a row. Lucky Girl! Happy 91st Birthday, Pawpaw!!!! We love you a million!

Isa's Itinerary

Isa’s trip to San Antonio by Granma Bebe….Isa may remember more stuff she can add
Tuesday  June 17 2014 arrived in San Antonio, tx
Went to eat at McDonalds then visit Mawmaw & Pawpaw & played scrabble.
Back at house found and counted money for Isa to spend.
Wednesday June 18
Slept in
Granma Bebe & I got our finger  & toe nails manicured and painted.
Went  to another  McDonalds, were going to an inflatable playland, but it was for little childrend, so we walked around the mall. Isa bought rubber duckies.  Then we went to Target to buy some games like Scrabble, Uno, & Chutes and Ladders. We went home and played Scrabble.
Later,Went to see How to train Your Dragon 2 with Jacob & Granma Bebe in the evening and ate dinner at the movie….pawpaw had to work
L Bebe went to see Pawpaw /mawmaw in the hospital and Jacob took me home.
Thursday  June 19
Slept in
Got ready to go to Sea World, did something else…can’t remember what, went to the office to print out tickets,
went to lunch with Pawpaw at Panchos & Gringos (Isa ate chicken fingers), then went to Sea World.
What fun! Rode rides ( one was very wet), played in water, saw balugas & porpoise show,  water ski show,  who done it mystery show starring seals & walrus, & the Shamu whale show. Then the closing show was lots of dancing and singing…it was great!
Friday June 20
Slept in
We went to Target . I tried to find a Squiggles(?), but saw some cool stuff at the $1-$3 bin.
Went to McDonalds for lunch. Then went to the Wax Museum, 4D movie ride, Ripley’s Believe it or Not.
then went to eat at Tycoon flats with Papa Mark. Afterwards, we went to the play The Bootmaker & the Elves
 at Magik theater
Saturday June 21….Jimmy’s birthday! Dad and Rosie called on Facetime @7:30am to say Hi to me, but I was asleep.
Slept in
Later papa Mark and I went to the Alamo! Then I went swimming with Jacob. Next we all went to Pawpaw’s house to celebrate his 91st birthday. We brought dinner from Sea Island & onion rings from  Clear Springs restaurant (Pawpaw’s favorite onion rings.)  Then Mawmaw, granma Bebe, & I played scrabble.
Sunday June 22
I didn’t get to sleep in…grrr
We went to church. Granma Bebe told papa Mark that it would be great if today was the childrens choir was singing today. Guess what? They did. Then had breakfast  at Panchos & Gringos. Can’t remember what else???
Monday June 23
Didn’t get to sleep in again!
We drove to Rosanky, Tx to see granma Bebe’s friend Becky and her husband Byron. They live on a ranch. The cows lived in a pasture we couldn’t see from the house. They had horses, too.. Becky’s daughter in law Alana came with her 2 daughters Baylee & Presley. After Byron cooked us hamburgers & we ate, we he took us for rides on the horse Romeo. Then Baylee, Presley & I played & ate some giant chocolate cookies that Becky made. While playing in the water sprinkler, Alana saw a small snake. It was not poisonous. It was black with an orange stripe in the center with yellow stripes on either side. It was a ribbon snake because the stripes went long ways. On the way home I had to go to the bathroom, so we stopped at a McDonalds. Granma Bebe asked if I waaaas hungry, so I asked for chicken nuggets…again. Got  home around 8pm. Then we played scrabble. I taught granma & Me a new word. She didn’t think it was a word so she had me look it up in the scrabble words book. It was the word ghat: a passage way down to a river. Another new word I taught myself & granma Bebe was aglet: the plastic thing the covers the end of shoestrings.
Tuesday June 24
Slept in!
Went to EZ’s for lunch. Yummy. Then we went to Michaels to buy stuff to make a memory book. Granma washed clothes pretty much the rest of day. We might have played scrabble again. Then Papa Mark & I took Mawmaw & Pawpaw to Pawpaw’s Barber Shop practice. There was a little girl named Abby to play with. A lady there taught me how to tear newspaper to make a shirt.
Wednesday June 25
Slept in!
Mostly worked on my memory book. We had to go to Walgreens to print out photos from Granma’s phone. We went to Micky D’s one last time…for chicken nuggets of course. After I worked on my book for a while we went to have ice cream at Mawmaw’s  & Pawpaw’s house and say good bye. I worked on my book while Granma finished packing my bags. After Jacob came to the house we left for the airport! I was happy & a little sad, too.
Granma said that she really had fun with me this week! And Papa Mark called to say good bye and said he was glad I came. Both said they love me very much.

Photo: Isa is spending a week in Texas with my parents. Today she went to Sea World!

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