Friday, June 27, 2014

It's Summer Time!

It's summer time and Rosie really wanted a play date with Audrey. Rosie pronounces her name Andreee

The girls had the best time on the tire swing. They screamed their heads off. 

Jimmy wanted to know what the fuss was about.
We went to Dancing Sprouts at the Botanic Gardens. 
Jimmy ran into his friend, Aris, from his class. They could bust a move. 
Jimmy's like I could dance all night. 

Strange cloud formation.
The Spurs won their 5th championship! 
Caroline looking super cute!

Rosie had a play date with her friend, Johnny, and ran into a bunch of her girl friends. 

The weather has been cool for summer so we have spent a lot of time at different parks in the area. 
On this park day it was Jimmy's birthday. Marc had tons of work but when I told Jimmy that we were going to the park he started yelling for daddy and then told him, "Daddy Park." Needless to say, he won and got Marc to the park.

He knows everything is more fun when Daddy is around!

Marc is a big kid!
Another day at another park and another tire swing.

I super duper love this one.

We went to the library where they have makes it hard to focus on reading books. ;)
Luke and I went to a rooftop Cubs game!
Jimmy at the beach!

We made the drive to Foster beach and picked up Uncle Luke!
Rosie's happy about that!

Jimmy's showing off his muscles.
Rosie played the game, let's throw wet sand on each other. It was very cool of Joe to play with her!
Rosie's in offensive and defensive mode at the same time. 
Luke brought his frisbee. 
and showed Jimmy some moves. 

Joe tried really hard to show Rosie how to throw the frisbee. 

So many concerts. This one was right down the street. 

Summer is awesome!

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