Friday, June 27, 2014

Jimmy turns 6!

We celebrated Jimmy's 6th birthday at Pump it Up!
 Isa and Rosie loved celebrating with him!

 Family shot! 
 Isa climbing. She's made it up 3/4 of the way. Then she stops and heads back down. 

 Tommy and Bobby!
 Jimmy put on the rope gear a few times and had fun. 

 Mia and Ella


 Gwen and Rosie.

 Jimmy blew out his candle!

 Jimmy sang happy birthday with everyone else. It was the best. 

 Grace! She's one of Jimmy's biggest fans and bestest friend.

 Lucia requested a play date with Jimmy early on in the year and she told her mom, "I have lots of friends at school but Jimmy was my first friend." LOVE!

 These two lovely ladies were arguing about who gets to sit next to Jimmy when going down the slide and how to help him the best way possible. 
 Rosie loves birthday parties and can't wait till she turns 4. This birthday might be the longest wait for her. Sometimes she skips age 4 and talks about when she turns 5 or 6. All she wants is her birthday to happen and to have a turn at the doctor's office. 


 Jimmy La Roo, La Poo!

Jimmy had a great time at Pump It Up! We forced him to be in the room while we opened his gifts. He was not interested but I have seen him pick up a toy or two and play with them. Thank you everyone for making Jimmy's birthday special!

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