Thursday, July 31, 2014

Camp Harrison, Day 2! The Willis Tower Ledge and a Water Taxi Ride to Chinatown.

Jimmy can't stop looking at Daddy - Pure Love!

Me- Marc I know it's embarrassing but please take our picture. 
 Family photo at the train station. The kids were so excited and smiling and couldn't believe they were going on the train with Daddy and meeting their cousins and and and....
 They really can't get enough of him. Hello - I'm over here!!!
 I wonder if Rosie understands now that the train isn't where Daddy works. 
 There was a lot of 20 questions and I spy on the train ride. 
 We are going up at record speeds!
 The best gang in town! I like the symmetry in this photo.
 Let's learn about the second tallest building in the world!
 Jimmy was only in the stroller for a second and then he walked all over the theater and started talking to various people. 
 The cars look like toys. Look a helicopter. Where's our house?

 I am not afraid of heights but I squealed a bit when I walked onto the ledge. There is something very scary about being a 103 floors up and looking down. It took awhile for my stomach to calm completely after being on more solid ground.
 Madness, Fear, How quickly can we take a picture?!
 Group Shot. Now I understand why the other lines were long. You need a strong flash. 
 When I was trying to take a picture of the girls, Jimmy ran off. Thankfully the women in front of us recognized what was happening and followed him. They tried to hold his hand but he wouldn't allow it. He was clearly on a mission to get off the ledge. 
 Next question: where is the closet Potbelly's?
 All hands on Speck (Silver-Deck like thingy)! Work with me folks. 
 The kids were being cute at Potbelly's Sandwich Shop!

 We jumped on a water taxi to Chinatown. Ok, we walked on but it was quick like jumping.

 Just to prove I was there. The kind woman that took the photo also took my stroller off of the water taxi. Very nice indeed. 
 Sadly, we didn't get much more Chinatown than this. We walked into a Chinese Market thinking it was like a Chinese Flea Market but it was a Chinese Super Market. It was tight and smelled and we left very quickly because ,well everything was in Chinese and we couldn't find water. 

 Me- Aga and Rosie go be dogs so I can take your picture. Aga- No. But Fine.
 When you are walking in China Town with 7 tired kids and everyone wants a drink and you spot a Walgreen's with sales highlighted in Chinese, you go there, and you enjoy that cold drink like you are the most intelligent American foreigner in an American City. 
 Water Taxi Ride home in the back of the boat this time. 
 My childs! 
Jimmy and I on the train home. We enjoyed looking at ourselves in the phone. 
 Jimmy LOVES to look at his good looks. 
 He also loves kisses. 
 but boxing out all others so he has a great view of himself is #1 on his list of likes.
 Aga, whatever you do, save me some of your food because I love chocolate chip pancakes.????
 The girls were cute at dinner. 

 Right now sleep over fun is in effect. Rosie is spending the night with Isla and Agatha and Olivia are at my house. They are watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Two. 
 They just finished watching a movie. I wonder how long till they fall asleep?! Don't they understand that another day of fun awaits them? They should know. 4th year now?!?! So far- no noise. Fingers Crossed.

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