Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer in July!

The cousins dropped in and Rosie and Isla started a marching band. 
 Rosie, Jimmy, and I went to the park and found this cool racoon. 
 We were the only ones at the park. It was fun.
 Rosie modeling some new pants I made her from Marc's old shirts. 
 Jimmy in the front row at the concert. 
 Being cute together!
 The backside of Rosie's outfit.

 We went to the Museum of Science and Industry to visit Luke and we got hooked up. The National Geographic exhibit cost extra but not for us!!! Thanks, Luke!
 Rosie and Katie becoming professional explorers. 
 Rosie scuba diving. 
  Isa learned how little her nose knows. It was tough. 
 Another Luke hook-up, The Flight of the Monarch Butterfly. It was a cool flick! Jimmy kept saying butterfly. There were lots of them!
 Jimmy back in the mix dancing. 
 Jimmy loves these concerts and always walks around and makes lots of new friends. There were four older folks that Jimmy liked a lot. He had them all clapping and offering him their seats or maybe Jimmy moved them?!?! At the end, one of the ladies walked over to tell me how much Jimmy entertained them all. Jimmy's awesome. 
 Rosie didn't want to walk. 
Now she's back on her feet. 
 Jimmy chillin at the beach. 


 Rosie passed out on the kitchen floor. 

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