Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bebe and Mark are in town! They get to see the kids and witness Caroline's Baptism!

 My mom, dad, and I were walking to see Jimmy and Isa in a gymnastics demonstration and we saw Rosie having fun at tiny tot camp. She loved seeing us! 
 Then she ran around smiling and yelling, "look at me at camp!"

 I think her first camp experience was a good one! 
 At the demonstration! Jimmy and Isa did great. My camera only lasted through the first exhibit. 
 Jimmy on vault and a lady on each side of him! 

Isa on the balance beam.
Jimmy vaulting!
 Next up, Baptism photos! They are all out of order and I'm too lazy to do anything about it. From middle to the end, to the beginning, to the end, to the middle, or something like that! 
 Jimmy wearing his best for Caroline and Elizabeth (Caroline's cousin)
 When you look this good, lots of photos are taken. 
 He's so handsome!!!
 Hello fans! I love you all!!!
 The girls playing in the grass. 
 Manhandling each other's faces. 
 Getting ready to tackle big sis. 
 Nope, she went down and the bigger two took advantage. 
 So she started kicking big sister. 
 So big sister dragged her through the grass. 
 I got some Caroline time! 
 Jimmy tends to find someone at an event and will go back to that person over and over again. That person was Patrick. 

 Rosie and Tony! 
 The Ladies! Isa, Bebe, Caroline, Lisa, Rosie, and Mary Wolff
 Jimmy's thinking, stop it already, yes- I look good, jk don't stop! I love it!
 This is what happens when you push Jimmy. Even if you look good! He's thinking, did notice the tux? That's totally a get out of jail free card. 
 Isa Pizza Pie! Our cutie patootie!
 Dad- what happened to your neck?!

 Family Selfie Fail.
 Much better without me. Rosie's take a 30 second nap. 
 The head guy here! 
 Jimmy kept pushing Mada. He got in BIG trouble. And, by big, I mean he had to sit in this chair. 
 It's a puzzle!
 Oh my, it was hilarious! 
 Rosie's like open this already. Don't you see it's a present!?!?!
 It's a onesie. Woohoo!
 too big?!

 The Yurecko Family! 
 Mada loves her Aunt Lisa and Uncle Jonny
 Can Mada be any cuter?!!
 Harrison family picture with 80% participation. 
 Wolff family with Grandpa Ray.
 Wolff Ladies with Grandma Mary
 Grandpa Wolff with Caroline!
 I'm so going to rock this tux today!
I totally look the best. 
 I'm gonna do my, "you can't touch this" dance! 
 Yay Caroline!
 with Grandma Bebe and Papa Mark
 The Wittig/Harrison Crew! 
 Clarendon Community!
 Caroline with her Godparents, Heather and Patrick Curran. 
 Elizabeth with her Godparents, Jonny and Lisa.
 The Wolff/Yurecko Crew.
 Almost the entire Baptism Party!

 Elizabeth gets baptized. 
 Caroline gets baptized.
 Sisters! April - is this what I signed up for? Lisa- this is totally what I signed up for! jk

 The priest tried to do something special with the kids but it ended before it began. 
 I love this one of Lisa and Caroline! 
 Tony and Ryan.
 Caroline's like seriously- this is the last picture. 
 Geez guys! I said enough, Uncle Marc!
 Post Baptism gathering with look, tricycles, basketball and a little bit of madness! 
 Rosie had the best time! 

 Here I am! 
 Jimmy and Patrick looking sharp!

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