Saturday, August 2, 2014

Camp Harrison, Day 3! Swedish Museum, Home, and Park!

Camp Harrison - Day 3 = Swedish Museum and fun in Wilmette. The Swedish Museum on Clark and Foster is Awesome! 
 The kids were in constant motion. 
 I'll save you; grab my hand. 
 Lots of vegetables in the garden. 
 Jimmy was into the boat. 
 Isa slowed down for the photo but couldn't be bothered to stop completely. Too much to do. 
 Olivia went straight to hang the laundry. It's got to be done. 
 Rosie cooked a chicken with a pot and her bare hands. 
 Jimmy took care of the baby. 
 Babies need hugs. 
 Who's in for cow riding?
 Aga was 100% most in character. Sweet piglets need some love.
 Swedish home. 
 1-2-3-4 MOVE IT PEOPLE!

 Aunt Janet, would you like to hang some laundry?
 I would be a pretty girl. Just sayin!

 Al loved it. 
 These boys would make any girl happy. 
 I saw her again. Who is this mystery girl that pops up once an hour?
 Buzz Aldrin, born in New Jersey, has Swedish ancestors. They claimed him. 
 The chairs vibrate to simulate take off. Jimmy's totally over acting. 
 Oh no, Jimmy found gloves. 

 This would have been the best picture. Aga had the look of a long days work on her face. 


 Two kids, one place, YES, YES, YES!!!

 I found her on a horse! 
 In the olden days, pinafores were used as space suits in Sweden. That's probably why Buzz's family moved to the US. They wanted more protection. 
 I caught dinner!
 You milk the cow and I will take your picture. 

 Jimmy loved the curtain.

 When there is a Potbelly's nearby, we go there! 
In the basement playing waiting out the rain. 
 A quick workout. 

 Al has a spy watch that shoots red, plastic coins at you. Watch out!
 Jimmy was happy about getting a little iPad time. 
 One little one, little one little painter.
 Just in case you forgot. Camp Harrison 2014!
 everyone joined in the painting.

 even Jimmy!

 Then we went to the park for a couple of hours, had dinner, played Farkle, King of Tokyo, and Three Little Piggies. I think we turned Al into a crazy Farkle Man. He played it safe the first game and won while Kit and I Farkled away big numbers. The second game, Al played it safe again and lost to me. Hahahah! Jk. Then he played Isa and gambler Al emerged. It was so fun to watch how much fun he was having. I'm going to risk it ALL!
I never said anything about being good at water colors. 
Emmett making an appearance from across the United States in his camp shirt ready to play! We can't wait for you to join us next year!!!!!! Look at that face. So cute and just pleading for an airplane ride to Chicago!

Wish you were here, buddy!

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