Sunday, August 3, 2014

Camp Harrison, Day 4! Margie's Candies and Park Fun!

We drove into the city to hang out with Janet, Kit, and the kids. There were lots of games played...including Farkle with that crazy, Farkle loving Al, the Labyrinth with Agatha, jumping over the couch with Rosie and Isla, and Hero Dice with Kit and Olivia and Isa sitting by to learn this fun game.

One little, Two little...
 cute munchkins
who love Marc!
 and doing acrobats over the couch!
 Aga - she's sneaky. That's all I'm saying! 
 Jimmy's hoping no one will notice that the lights are going on and off!
 I know you are thinking thermometer right now but it's really his mini-phone when he doesn't want to carry his monster phone. He's debating on answering the call from Uncle Nate - not exactly a Harrison!
 Hero Dice- apparently it's on its way to our home. I hope Isa learned how to play, because no one else over here has any idea.
 Labyrinth Junior is a fun game. I highly recommend it. 
 Here I am modeling it at Aga's request (maybe she's been watching "The Price is Right" during summer vacation?). Go out and buy it! 
 Keep an eye on those never know what they are thinking about doing next.
Aga is so photogenic! 
 When one says Margie's Candies (stock photo), one should expect a flood of excitement. That's all I'm saying!
 25 scoops?...maybe on my next trip.
 Olivia and Isa were having a serious debate on fudge vs caramel.  Apparently, Isa wasn't clear on what hot fudge was (and as usual was unwilling to listen - maybe she thought it was secret code for some kind of vegetable) and said "no" when the waitress asked her.  Luckily, there was plenty to spare for her - she will never say no to hot fudge again.
 I told Rosie to smile. 
 I told her to smile again.
 Woohoo! I broke her! 
 Everyone looks happy and excited!
 11 Harrisons around the table looks a little like this (lean in, Kit!).

We made it out with just a few tummy aches (and Rosie walked off the seat of the booth and cried like she broke her whole body...but you already expected as much).
 But there is always room for more. 

 Holstein Park - the kids loved these twirling things. 
 Aga's spot.
 Isla has an amazing smile! 
 Rosie's thinking what is the most complicated and injury producing way to climb up this apparatus. 
 too predictable.
 Isa testing her fears and going to the highest spot. 
 Jimmy is loving life! Climbing and Daddy!!!
 Swinging and Daddy!!!!
 That's me! Happy!
 The girls were seesaw fanatics. What started out as a simple seesaw game turned into a full on game of weights and balances. Let's even this thing out. 
 Many different variations were tried.
 Marc tried to get in the photo but the camera kept clicking when the seesaw was up.
 Isa is in the worst spot for this photo but we achieved a balanced seesaw. Rosie and I on one side and Isla and her two new friends on the other side. It was going to be my moment of fame but Isa had somewhere to be and walked right in front of me at the exact moment the picture was taken. :(
 Jimmy was not into it. 
 Olivia was very focused on the bunny ears. She found when she had the camera that it was hard to put bunny ears on people and take the photo. 
 We got it! 
 Olivia and Al took my camera on a selfie road trip! 
 Olivia! Jimmy loves watching other people having fun. It's the best. 

 Jimmy requiring lots of love so he won't walk over and climb the fence and jump into that pool. 
 Olivia took this one of Isa. Who's that girl?!!
 Did you notice the pool over there?!!!!  Why aren't we in it????!!!
 Aga's dark side!!!
 She got wet and told me, "don't worry mom- I will dry off!" 
 Luke Perry!
 3 girls in their own park world. 
 Jimmy can't believe we aren't swimming. There is a pool right there. I can see it???!!!!
 I couldn't pick. Both are super cute! 
Camp Harrison was a success!!! Woohoo!

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  1. Such fun! Thanks for capturing it all. I can't choose just one favorite. Sears Tower, boat & Swedish museum were all great. Though my turtle sundae ranks pretty high up there too! Ah, summer. So sweet!!