Friday, August 15, 2014

Holland, Michigan!

We made it to Holland! Holland is fantastic. It has everything in close proximity and we love it because it's least too cold to spend all day at the beach. Although, I do have an unnamed friend who claims it wouldn't stop her and her family from going to the beach and going in the water. ;)

On our first cold and rainy day, we went to Dutch Farms. We learned a lot about the dutch.
 We watched some Dutch dancing in wooden shoes. The dancers wore between 5-10 pairs of socks to help prevent shoes from flinging off. But, we saw some shoes fly off. It added a little suspense to the show. Later on we got to learn a Dutch dance. It went: clap, clap, clap, stomp, stomp, stomp, circle kick right, circle kick left, right tap, tap, tap, left tap, tap, tap, turn yourself around. Some of you may have been doing the Dutch dance for years and never even knew it. 

 Jimmy went to the middle of the large circle and led his own version of the dance.

 I think we are turning ourselves around.

 Jimmy watching the dancers. He LOVED it! Isa was like, eh.

 Let's slide out of a wooden shoe. It's the best fun ever!

 The Dutch Farm was cool but a tad too cold for Rosie.

  Is it a bunny or a rabbit? Most people don't know the difference. ;)
 a random goat walking by. Isa loved captioning this scene in her omg narrator voice. 
 Let's go on the Merry Go Round. We went here because Rosie wasn't tall enough to go on the Ferris Wheel. :(

  Merry Go Round Fun!

 anything fun with daddy become SUPER fun!

Why these Dutch people look a lot like some German/Irish mutts I know. 
 Mrs. Dutch Lady, how hairy your face has become. Side note: how cute is that cow and goat? SO CUTE!
 Jimmy bee-lined it for the Ferris Wheel, so we decided we must. At this point Rosie just wanted to go home and didn't care that she couldn't ride the best Ferris Wheel in Holland, Michigan (possibly all of Michigan).
  Jimmy and I went first. It's a fast moving Ferris Wheel and the first time you go over the top, there is a thrill. Same with the second and third time, then you get kind of bored. Then 10 laps later and you are wishing the ride was over already. At least, that's what I heard from around the park. 
 Jimmy loved it!

Who are the cutest two kids in this picture? Hands down: Isa and Jimmy!

Yes, they won the award in this photo too.

Arts and Crafts anyone?!

Steak and Shake. Success.
 The rain continued in Michigan so we went to Chuck E Cheese. Jimmy was all about it!
 Marc loved it too. Clearly the highlight for him was meeting Chuck and getting a picture with him. I'm sure this will be framed and in his Law office so he can remember this time always.
 A car that moves is awesome.
 Shoot the bad guys!!!
 It's a flying train with Rosie at the wheel. Outlook does not look good...for the passengers anyways! Rosie looks pretty cute!
 Big sister joined the fun!
 I think this was Jimmy's favorite way to spend his tokens. 
 Where did you want to go again, Chuck?

 Funny story, Chuck, but keep it clean. This is where a kid can be a kid!
 Lisa and Caroline!

We played lots of games. These two teams had extra players. Totally cheating!  

 We went to our first Farmer's Market as a family. Crazy, right! There was an animal expert there and he talked about animals and Isa enjoyed listening and answering many as she could and even the ones she couldn't!

 Our handsome boys!
 Isa was the only one of us that listened to the whole presentation. We, the adult peeps, all blamed the little ones for leaving. 

 Two girls sharing a bed together=tons of giggles, a few injuries, and very little sleeping.
 What do you mean, go to sleep?! We are asleep. Clearly!
 Dinner outside. 
 Caroline beating everyone in the no blinking contest. She's amazing. 
 Corn, Corn, Corn, Corn!!!
 Are you sure you want to bet money? I win every time.
 Corn and Watermelon. THANK YOU, DADDY!
 I was making Jimmy laugh with my classic age old moves of dropping my head like a dead head. Jimmy can't get enough. He will laugh till you stop doing it. 
 Hours of fun.
 Two hours later...
 We went to Riley Woods. The coolest forest preserve off of Riley. 

 Me and my girl!
 I can't get enough of Isa Pizza Pie!
 Come here children of mine! Smile!
 I love Jimmy's smile in this one!
 Let's hike!
If you hug in the woods and no one sees, did the hug really happen? Clearly, I saw this hug, so yes, it happened.

 Caroline is a hardcore hiker.
 Family Shot - expect this picture come Christmas time in your mailbox!!! jk-maybe.

 Jimmy decided to run. Unfortunately, he ran in the opposite direction that we were going. 
 After hiking, we went out to eat and Isa took a little nap. 
 Rosie was tired too.
 Marc was ready for his second plate from the buffet.
 Right after eating a large meal. We got ice cream. I think if you ask Isa about this trip months later, this is the one thing she will remember and talk about. 
 The ice cream was amazing.
 Jimmy couldn't believe his luck.
 Rosie always gets gross ice cream and eats between 3-5 bites. She looks like she likes it though!

After stuffing ourselves, we went blueberry picking. 
 Jimmy couldn't believe it.

 Jimmy put all the blueberries straight into his mouth.

 Rosie was a serious blueberry picker.

 Isa liked to talk of the worth of blueberries on the top of the bush vs the bottom of the bush.

 Totally showing off our blueberries!

 Jimmy eating the blueberries that are up high!

 Jimmy got bored with the picking. He was like I'll eat them after they are picked. Let's go play on the play wagon.
 Need a ride?
 The girls eventually joined in the fun.
 Marc's like check out this bag of blue b. That's slang for blueberries. 
 slowest mechanical ride ever.

 Jimmy loved his time on the blue berry farm!

  Watch out! Young Girls Robbed the Blueberry Truck.
 Jimmy overtook the truck and threw the girls in the back.
 I look great riding in the truck, right!!! Jimmy's telling the girls to sit tight, they are going to be in jail tonight!
 Please note there area few bad blueberries in that truck! 
Thankfully they got out of the blueberry truck and hitched a ride with a nice guy.

Our only real beach time so far. I didn't take my camera but thankfully Lisa took her phone and took three photos! Isa hasn't tired of trying to make the biggest hole. 
 Another classic game of where are your feet.

Lastly, it doesn't matter where we are....there is always a dance party! 

 Can't touch this.

Did I say lastly, well let me add a few random more. Bath in the sink for those that think showers are pure torture.

 Rosie is holding on for dear life. It's a good think I was taking a picture of her or she would have definitely fallen down. 
 I got her on top and told Isa not to move the dinosaur an inch or we might be down a family member. 
We are hoping for some beach fun this afternoon and maybe a tour of a windmill. Time will tell!

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  1. Great family time and memories! I should probably go to Holland some day since I am 100 percent Dutch. Love the photos and narration of events.