Monday, August 25, 2014

Holland Part II

Check out daddy on the monkey bars. 
 Ferris Wheel balance act. 
 Jimmy is screaming!
 hello to you too!
 Rosie striking a pose!
 Jimmy wearing a pair of wooden shoes! 
 Rosie wearing a bonnet like a little Dutch girl would.
 One of these Dutch Girls is Guilty of a Bad Bad Crime. Can you guess who?
 Jimmy's like, I might look like a bad boy but don't let my tough looks fool you.
 Isa's like, just keep smiling.
 Let's go see the infamous windmill.
 dere it is!

 That's right folks! She's the guilty one!!! 
 We were high up and it was windy.
 That made it hard to get all four of us focused on Marc and the camera.
 We kept trying anyway.
 Rosie's running to get a closer look at the horses.
 Daddy ran after her!
 Now Marc is trying to get the windmill in the photo with us.

 It was a gorgeous day!

 The kids were being super cute so I kept taking pictures.
 I love all of them!
 Brewery time with the kids.

 Daddy's happy!
 It's all about the beercation!
 Underneath the table shot!
 Lisa Pizza Pie!
 Sleepy Caro!
 Jonny is a bomber. 
 photo bomber!!!! is he.
 what is the favorite pose for Rosie Rose???
 My tongue is so much bigger.
 A hug or a choke?!
 I love these very precious moments. 
 Pure LOVE!
 and cuteness.

 Rosie loved playing tag with the waves. She laughed every time they got her. 

 We stepped up to the top of Mount Pisgah Dune Boardwalk!
 On the way up we heard sounds that sounded like loud fireworks or maybe a gunshot and then a second later loud rumbling through the trees. A tree broke in half and slid down the Dune Mountain.

 This would be perfect if the flash went off!!
 They are working real hard to hold the tree up. Real hard...
 Poor Rosie. She's been coughing all summer. 
 da boys.
Holland, MI was a great trip! 

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