Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Rosie's a 4 year old girl!

Rosie's 4!!!! She's so excited to be four. She's been talking about it for the last 364 days. It's here, Rosie. You are 4!
Four people, she's four!
We hid some presents in the basement and had her look for them. 

She ripped open the presents and then immediately tossed them aside. 
correction: right after she showed us, she tossed them aside. 

Jimmy was very happy for Rosie.

Most of Rosie's local family came over! 

a ???boppy thing!!!!
It was good fun!
for everyone!

Feed the Kitty. A great game for a 4 year old!!1

The big kids playing with Uncle Luke.

a fun game of feed the kitty
Rosie was on top of who might win and who might lose. 
things are looking dire for Rosie.
She lost. 
Rosie exclaiming to Jacob, we are both losers. 
game 5!

Isla cleaned up with two wins!
The kids took my camera and took some fun shots. Tommy!

Aunt Leticia made this for Rosie. It's AWESOME!!!!!
Cutie Grandma and Aga!
Rosie waiting for her cake to come. There was a super long haaaaaa...where are the matches??
No matter, Grandma can keep the haaaaa going!
Hurray for cake!
It's here!

Now dig in!
Fun everywhere!

The big girls made a great game of pin the tail on the donkey.
Just in case you forgot, FOUR!

There were three prizes. The closest, middle, and farthest. I won none. :(
Rosie at her well visit. You never saw a kid so excited to go to the doctor. She told all the nurses and her doctor that she was four and that it was her turn to see the doctor. She had the routine down. She weighed in at 24.4 pounds and was 35 1/2 inches tall. She's not on the chart at all for weight or height. My tiny pepper pot! She's incredibly happy and excited for school. Come on already, I'm FOUR!

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