Saturday, September 20, 2014

September Fun!

Emmett!!!!! We got to meet this handsome little young guy!
 Rosie had a birthday party with her friends.
 The bouncy house was a big hit!
 I think she has told everyone in Wilmette that she's four!

 A car full of blue eyed blondies!
 Jimmy likes to sit and reap the benefits from the other jumpers.
 Rosie's like, new crayons, let's color!
 Johnny and Rosie!!
 cake time!
 Block party arts and crafts

 Rosie was painted about 20 times. She would wipe it off and then start fresh again. The face painters didn't seem to mind.

 She got lots of tattoos too. 
 Then she made herself this awesome choker. 
 I hope this isn't foreshadowing anything...
 The highlight of the block party for Isa is being able to roam the street without supervision. 

 new face time
 It's very hard to get a good picture of Rosie because she can't stop talking. 
 one second pause - click.
 Aunt Ellie! One year ago at the block party, we found out that Ellie was pregnant. 
 One year later and Emmett is at our house at the block party!!!

 Emmett's zoolander pose!

 I think Emmett likes his cousins!

 I love this kid!

 Another Isa sighting!!!
 The next day Jimmy's school had an ice cream social. 

 Jimmy danced with Gwen again.

 Gwen isn't in Jimmy's class this year. :(

 Grace loves Jimmy too. She's also in another class. 

 This year Jimmy's on the Green Gators soccer team. The other boys are first graders from McKenzie too. Jimmy loves wearing his uniform and cheering his team on. 
 Huddle time rocks. 

 There are 9 people on the team and only 4 kids can play at a time. All the boys come and play with Jimmy or sit with Jimmy when they aren't playing on the field. 
 Rosie in a dress with no coat on a chilly day.
 Jimmy, you are going in! 
 Jimmy went in and then started to take his jersey off. Marc ran on the field and got him off before he got knocked over!

 Snack Time is the BEST time! 

 Rosie is playing soccer too! She's the tiny one in hot pink shorts. 
 She looks great when she's playing but she full on cries every time the other team scores. She can't handle it. 

 Rosie taking it to the goal. She made the first goal and had some other close attempts. 
 I hope she plays more during the next game. She cried during the entire second half and therefore didn't play. 

 Here she's crying on the field. 
Jimmy's also part of the Trevian special needs soccer program. He LOVES it. He gets to build blocks and run, sing Ring Around the Rosie and have lots of fun. 
 Build a tower and then knock it down!

 The buddies for this program are amazing and really love playing with our kids. 

 Look at Jimmy's smile. The best!
 Rosie wore this outfit all day. She went to school, ran errands, went to Jimmy's soccer practice looking about as cute and raggedy as a girl can!

 Jimmy's third game. 

 Jimmy's in heaven!

 He loves to get the crowd clapping. 
 That's Eli - Jimmy's new best bud.  
 Jimmy sat in the stands the whole game and all the non-playing players would sit and hang with him.

 At one point, Jimmy got annoyed. Leave me along guys!! But, it was all good. 

 Aris is keeping Jimmy in the huddle. Good work, Aris!

 Good game!

 Then through the tunnel!

 After the game we played with blocks and dominoes.

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