Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Summer's over- So SAD but here's a quick peak of our last few weeks!

Summer is coming to an end but it was packed with fun. We had an awesome visit from Aunt Tessa and Jacob.
We played connect four, made carrot cake cupcakes, met our second Pippa doggy, and went swimming.
Isa and her cohorts at meet the teacher day at school. They are clearly excited about going back!
Isa's super bummed that these two friends are not in her class.
Superman, Auggie!
Rosie messin around in the dirty sand. 
Isa reading Harry Potter. She read the first four over the summer and broke into the 5th. She's still going strong!
Rosie and Jon. These two are going to be trouble!!
 Jimmy wants to join in on the fun.

Fun at the Children's Museum
Yoga anyone?

I'm not sure if Jimmy was into yoga but he loved the mat. 
Isa and Ella in tree pose.
at the end of summer and all of a sudden the blocks become a hit!
cool towers. 

back to school haircut. 
I may have already posted this one but wanted to make sure it made it into the blog. Marc went surfing in CA.
Rosie and Daddy having fun with the camera phone

Rosie has made thousands of necklaces and bracelets this summer. 
Jeph took Isa out for a special day. They went to Navy Pier and on a boat tour. 

Daddy made a surprise visit! On the swings!
Married couple behind them???
They are clearly having a great time!
The tire swing became a favorite activity.

Rosie's like more spin and height please!
New Jersey came to us! Thank you, Chris, Nancy, Matthew and Michael for coming to Wilmette for a visit! It was great to see you guys. 

We took the kids to watch NU play. We arrived early to see the pageantry - 30 minutes early and lasted till half time. Great job, kids!!
 Papa is having the most fun!

 I love this expression!

 Jimmy looked sicker and sicker as time went on at the game but he still had fun while we were there. 
 Listening to the pre-game music. 
 and dancing!

 No one loves live music more than Jimmy!!!
Isa modeling a one of a kind outfit I made for her!

 Here she's pretending to smell her armpit and she thinks she's so funny. I think it looks like a great picture especially if you didn't know her intentions!!! but I try to be honest. ;)
 Rosie and I were in the city so we stopped by to see Caroline. 
 what's up cutie patootie?

 Rosie's first day of ballet with Ms. Wendy.

 Since Rosie quit swimming, she does lots of drawings while the older two swim. This is me - orange hair and all! 
 Isa and I played battleship and I sunk two of her ships before she hit any of mine. She as seriously close as you can see below. 
 Rosie decided to sleep on her messy floor. 
 She looks so calm and quiet when she's sleeping. So cute!!!

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