Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Three first days of school!

school @
 Wilmette Community Nursery School

 I have to post them all because I love them all!

 What's that Rosie Rose up to? 
 some patty cake action.
 Rosie twirling her shirt!
 a hug sounds good 'bout now. 
 right arm up!
 now shake it all about. 

 Jimmy and his cute smile! 
 As you can see, Rosie and Jimmy love waiting for the "bus" together. 
Despite the order of pictures, this was the first one I took. She had her chin way up high so I said, "chin down." She looks cute like this but this is so not Rosie! 
 Who's going to school today?
 Rosie up close! 
 This is her school!
 sand table fun!
 She loved this magical mirror.
 Maybe I will try to curl my hair. 
 Rosie on the climber!
 at the playground! 
 What? I'm wearing pink underwear too!!!
 Rosie's friend, Harriet, also attends her school but she's in the 4-year old class. I was shocked that Rosie questioned why she was in 3-year old preschool as a 4 year old. It's hard to explain that your due date was Sept. 5th and that we are sticking with that date.
 I took this on the way out. Rosie was done with the photos!
Jimmy's first day of school at McKenzie as a FIRST GRADER!!!!

 Rosie wanted some photos of her on Jimmy's first day of school. 

 now with Jimmy!

This is Jimmy after his first day of school. I chaired a luncheon or the teachers and staff and Jimmy got to attend. He started out in this seat but when the teachers poured in, he squeezed himself between two teachers and had a great time. 
Potbelly's anyone???

Isa's first day at SFX! 3rd Grade!!! This first picture was taken after her first day of school. She looks happy!!!!

 This one was from her way into school. 

 Third grade, third grade!!!

There are two pictures that are pitch black right before the two of Isa and Marc. I'm pretty sure those are the two that I took with Isa. I have no other evidence of a photo of us unless they're on Marc's phone. I wish summer could have been longer but I'm happy now that all three kids are in school and, fingers crossed, all the forms are filled out! 

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