Saturday, October 11, 2014


October has been great. Jimmy loves soccer, gymnastics, horseback riding, and swimming! Yes, he's busy. Rosie continues to go to soccer and plays for about three minutes. She always scores at least one goal. She's really proud of that but then she quits playing and lays down on the field. She gets mad that the other girls run faster than her or take the ball away from her. She's kind of intense. I don't think her dad has anything to do with that. :) Isa is going to be in school play, Annie. She's an orphan and gets to do some funny things. ;) Everyone has been healthy and enjoying school! 

Old photos from my phone. This was in September and we headed to the beach after school. 

 Rosie in her cute dress!
 Isa in her cute dress!
 Matching Swimsuits!
 The Harrison 8! 
 I hope someone got a better picture. The quality on my phone was pretty bad.
 Jimmy loves Emmett. 
 Marc and Emmett
 Dancing Queen!

 Can two kids fit in the highchair? Why yes they can. 

 Children's Museum.

Hook'em Horns!
 Everyone wants a picture with Caroline.
 Sweet Caroline!
 Go Texas/ Go Jayhawks!

I volunteered to help Isa's brownie troop. Rosie got to come too and loved it. We went on a hike and found cool things. Whoa- a big yellow leaf. 
 Rosie felt like she belonged and loved it. 
 My brownie, Isa.
 One of the girls, Rachel, was moving the next day out of state and all the girls told her what they liked about her. It was really sweet. 

 Two days later, I went on a field trip with Isa's class to the
Museum of Science and Industry. It was pretty awesome. 
 ...except for the bus ride. I looked straight ahead the whole ride so I wouldn't get motion sickness. All went well. 


 My four kids. I lost Riley and Isa for about 10 minutes. They were inside a box in the exhibit. I didn't know you could go inside the box. Geez. Scary for me.

 Let's learn about electricity and lightening.

 counting down...10-9-8
 It's a tornado.
 I tried to go in but they said I didn't fit! jk
 Moving On!

 It's a hamster. No, it's Isa.

 Climbing Walls!
 Bus ride home.
 We survived!
 Go NU!!! Way to Beat Wisconsin. Post game party!!! Or, this might have been the game that NU beat Penn State. Not sure.

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