Monday, November 10, 2014

Halloween 2014. We could not have had worst weather. It was cold and sleeting sideways ice balls in your face. We did manage to get a quick photo. This was the last time I was outside. Isa and Rosie braved the weather with Daddy and Grandpa Jeph. They took lots of breaks and put on dry socks and different shoes. At one point, Isa had on ski goggles. I'm so glad they survived the wind and ice. Thank you, Jeph, for taking a great family photo!
Caroline dressed up in Rosie's old strawberry costume. Uncle Jacob was in town to join in on the fun! She was the cutest. 
Aunt Lisa and Jimmy looking cool! Cat and Dog!
Isa as the witch!
Caro totally loves me the best!
I was a farmer if you couldn't tell!
We all went out to dinner for Jacob's birthday! It was fun!
 Four out of Five!

 Let's show Jacob how much we love him!!!!
 Happy Birthday to Jacob!
 Luke and Rosie!!! 
 One more with Isa!
 Everyone wanted to hold Caroline. She's the sweetest!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

October Part 2!

We had a rare day with very little to nothing planned and we spent the day together in the smallest forest nearby. If you walk more than a city block, you will see cars driving by. 
The kids found lots of cool leaves.
 Can you find Rosie?!

 If only I just let Jimmy's arm be. I was worried he was going to block his own face. He looks so cute here!
 We had fun taking lots of pictures. 
 3 cute kids!
 Jimmy's like, just give me the camera. I will do it.
 From tallest to shortest...for now at least.
my harvest creatures.
 Rosie is officially over 3ft tall! well according to this random pumpkin man.

 Family picture in the pumpkin patch.
 Don't Smile. Don't.
 Pretend like I'm not taking a photo of you!
 Hey guys, wait for me!
 Rosie always wants the one with the most colors.

 ice cream makes these two very happy.
 Why, your chin has brown all over it. Could it be ice cream?
 Stop talking and smile. Geez.
 Lisa and Jonny know how it's done.

 Group shot minus me and Marc and Jimmy.
 Sweet Caroline.
 Wagon rides rock.
 All Saints Day for Isa's class. She is St. Isabella de France. Don't let that saintly look fool you!
 Check out her cool angel wing necklace. I think they are Victoria Secret angel wings. Ha!
 Maeve, Isa, Thea
 Audrey, Isa, and some boys?
 Isa and Riley
 They paraded in while the whole school, When the Saints go Marching In.
 Isa singing with her third graders.
 Isa getting ready to read her Saint Report to the class.
 She totally nailed it!
 She's like easy peasy!
 Isa and Jimmy are taking a jazz class together and we got to go in and watch a Halloween dance and have a Halloween party. Rosie was in heaven!
 Pin the face parts on the pumpkin
 Rosie showed everyone her arabesque skills. 
Rosie loved dancing and checking herself in the mirror.
Jimmy before his jazz class.
This is the only time Rosie wore her costume.She switched to a turtle on Halloween day.

 Rosie and Isa having a tea party with the furry friends. 
 Rosie playing soccer. 

 She was constantly putting her arms out and trying to keep some distance between her and the other players. If she keeps up soccer, she will be a great aggressive player!!
 Rosie just scored!
 Here she is letting everyone know that it was her!
 a rare smile of Rosie on the soccer field. She didn't like it when anyone was faster than her or took the ball away from her or didn't let her get a goal. It was a tough season!
 Family day at Wilmette Community. 

 Sweet Caroline

 Rosie trying on Isa's old Christmas Dress!
 Gooooooo Gators! This was Jimmy's favorite part of soccer!
 That and hanging out with his teammates.
 and sitting on the bleachers.
 and the tunnel at the end of the game. He LOVED the tunnel.
 He also loved play dates after soccer games. 
 He especially loved going to see Northwestern play after his soccer game. 

  Always on the top row!
 On their last game, Jimmy's team played another McKenzie team. It was 0-0 till the last 10 minutes or so and then the Gators scored. It was a super fun way to end the season. 
 That and green soccer cookies! 
Silly Photo! Coach Dimitri Poulios' daughter, Isabel, photo bombed the team picture. I love it!

Jimmy was Scooby Doo!
 He sees me!!!
 They walked all the way around the school building on a cold and windy day. 
 Jimmy's class on Halloween. His class performed the play, The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of  Anything. He played the part of the gloves that go clap clap with two others.

 I co-chaired rummage at SFX this fall and at the end of the sale we give everything away. Most everything was in one of many trucks and I found this picture on the floor. I thought I was picking up trash and low and behold I found a picture of Marc. It was from a picture pointing game I made for Jimmy years and years ago! I put the picture in my back pocket and lost it before the clean up was through. Thankfully I took a picture of the picture and texted it to Marc to show him what I found. 
 Jimmy's red soccer team. Whenever I tell Rosie that we are taking Jimmy to soccer she asks, the red soccer or the green soccer. 
 Jimmy got a trophy and Rosie swiftly took it away.
 and could not be prouder of her success.
 Then I demanded she give it back but Jimmy didn't want it. 

 They have moments of cuteness. 

 Dance Party!

 Go Green Gators!
 Let's get ice cream.
 Jimmy is so happy!

 Papa Mark is in town!!!!!
 They are sooooooo happy.

 Papa Mark walked Rosie to school. 
 Then Rosie was picked up from school by her TWO papas! 
 She was so happy! She ran up to them and said, "My two PAPAS" and put one arm around Papa Jeph and one around Papa Mark. It was a heart warming moment. 
 She knows she has it good!
 One of the last warm days in October. 
Grandma Jo met us for lunch and the two girls were wearing matching light purple zippies. 
 Isa was a witch, but as the weather got worse she turned into a skier.  Or maybe a witch that likes skiing.