Monday, December 29, 2014

Tis the Season!

Merry Christmas! This year we were home for Christmas. The season felt relaxed and enjoyable. I made this little coat and hat for two of my nieces. It was made from a dress they both wore when they were little. It was fun to create something so cute. 
 The kids got a Christmas gift early from my friend, Raquel. They loved have Frozen themed pajamas. 

 One less fun activity over the season was Jimmy had some serious dental work done. Four teeth pulled and was under anesthesia and was intubated. It involved a trip to the ER but he was all good by the time we were called back. A day later and he was back to his old self. 
 We have great friends that love inflatable decorations. We have to take a picture with them whenever we go over. 
 I went to the grocery store and spent $30 on goodies to make awesome ginger bread houses. No kits just homemade frosting and lots of candy. It was super fun! 
 We will definitely do this again next year. 
 Rosie and I worked together. 
 When we broke out the food coloring, the houses went to a whole new level. 
 Why that's marshmallow lake, of course. 

 I forgot to rsvp for the Upsfordowns Holiday party but thankfully we made it to the Misericordia Christmas party. 
 Bobby, aka, GQ! 
 Marc, Isa, Rosie, and Jimmy cramming on two chairs just because they want to!
 Up close! 

Christmas Morning!
 Jimmy had a great Christmas and enjoyed his gifts. He loved a singing dog, a drum, puzzles, and more! 
 Rosie loved her stocking stuffers. 
 Isa did too!
Jimmy is so happy with his drum. 

The whole Harrison clan. It was such a treat to spend time with everyone. I'm so lucky to have such wonderful in-laws, nieces, and nephews. So much love! 
Emmett!!! Where did you go?
 Ellie and her beautiful son, Emmett. He's the cutest, strongest, most balanced little dude I have ever met. 
 all the little kids. 
 Tessa is so lucky to get a picture with all the best kids!
 We took three group shots. Considering there are 18 people in this photo, there are three great photos!
 Kit, Janet, Alistair, Isla, Agatha, and Olivia. Pure Joy!

 I don't know who took this Janet or Tessa but it's a great one. 
 Family shot. Merry Christmas!
Christmas dinner

 Jimmy chillin with Papa
 Isa and Marc made a half-motor!
 She's the best.