Sunday, December 7, 2014

Jimmy Horseback riding, Isa in Annie, Raquel, Jordan and Michael visit from Dallas, and we went to Breakfast with Santa!

Jimmy getting ready to ride a horse. His helmet kept sliding down over his eyes so he walked around with his head back so he could see. 
 Rosie was excited to check it out. 
 Tommy was also getting ready to ride a horse as well. 
 Jimmy has three walkers around him. One guides the horse and the other two make sure Jimmy is safe on top of the horse. Throughout the barn there are weighted balls hanging down from the ceiling and Jimmy has to maneuver them out of the way. 
 He loves it and is getting a great work out!
 All my pictures are blurry but I love that you can see his little hands holding on in this one. 
 This one you can tell he's smiling!

Next he got to hang with this little horse. They taught him to put his hand like that and to let the horse sniff him. Jimmy knew what he was supposed to do!  

 Tommy and Jimmy had a great time together!

 Then they get to pet him. They also groom the horse. 
 Rosie really wanted to ride the little horse.

 Rosie figured it out. 

From horseback riding we rushed to SFX's gym where Isa was performing in "Annie" at her school. We arrived just in time. I didn't take many pictures as I had a kid in my lap. It was super fun though and Isa did great. She's the third person from the left. 
 The following night, we went and saw Annie, the musical, at the Cadillac Palace Theatre. It was a fun girls night out.

Link of Annie you tube videos

Isa is in Hard Knock Life, You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile, and the Tomorrow Finale.

 We went to the Shedd with my friend, Raquel and her two kids: Jordan and Michael, who were visiting and we ran into Lisa and Caroline. It was such a fun surprise. 

 At the Museum of Science and Industry Jimmy loved the videos of people laughing. He laughed along with them. The more you move your body, the more the people in the videos laugh. It was so funny. Jimmy would throw his head back and laugh. 
 Large tractors! 

 Dolphin Show with Raquel and Michael.
 Isa, Jordan, and Rosie

 We also went to the Museum of Science and Industry. Jimmy loved trying all the seats in the plane there. 

After a long day at the zium, the boys played some guitar!
The kids were much quieter with lollipops!

We went to the Disney exhibit and in it was a drawing class. We all learned how to draw Mickey Mouse!
A picture with this beautiful tree!
and one with Raquel
The kids were great!
Breakfast with Santa! All those balloons belonged to two girls sitting next to Rosie. They made a festive backdrop. 

 The girls and Jimmy made a card for someone in Haiti. I took a picture of the picture that accompanied the girls' card. 
 Smile everyone - show the world you are having fun!

 Rosie and Isa also made frames. 

 Jimmy loved the atmosphere!

 It might be hard to believe but Jimmy was not into the cookie decorating. 
Good times! in November and early December. 

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